First time dad who is hard of hearing...

"There is no other baby monitor on the market that supports hard of hearing parents like this. Bluebell is on another level in providing peace of mind and much needed rest as a new parent"

Name: Gary Morrison

Age: 36

Children: Noah James

Occupation: Professional Chef

Lives: Aberdeen

Being a new parent brings its challenges but being a deaf parent brings some additional challenges. My wife and I both have hearing impairments and were very concerned when our little boy Noah arrived, that when we were not with him, we would not know if he needed us. It is impossible to relax and sleep at night because we were constantly checking in on the baby.

Then we found the Bluebell Baby Monitor at John Lewis - the only monitor that offers a vibrating wristband, which is absolutely perfect for deaf parents - a real lifesaver!

Bluebell measures the baby's temperature, breathing and roll-on-tummy and alerts us through the parent wristband if there is any reason for concern. If our little one is crying, the wristband notifies us, which means we can sleep peacefully, knowing that Bluebell will let us know when Noah needs us.

When Bluebell introduced their baby video camera that is integrated with the Bluebell app, we rushed to get one - it is really nice for me to see Noah waking up in the morning from my phone while I am at work.

Noah is able to hear and so we use the lullabies from the hub to soothe him which he loves. Bluebell offers so many useful features, it is an all in one monitoring solution.

There is nothing else like it on the market and it has been a real support for us as deaf parents. I could not recommend it highly enough to any parent, but especially to those who might be hard of hearing.

Gary Morrison



  • Life saver
  • Helped with routine