The unique Bluebell Baby Monitor wristband is unobtrusive and non-invasive

The unique Bluebell Monitor wristband is unobtrusive and non-invasive, reducing parental stress by only notifying you if your baby really needed you

Name: Dr Sam King

Age: 34

Daughters: Phoebe (10 weeks) and Lyra (2 years)

Occupation: Doctor

We moved down to Devon when we were expecting Lyra so we could be closer to family. I am originally from Devon so it was lovely to be ‘home’ and it meant grandparents would be close by to enjoy their grandchildren and of course it is always nice to have an extra pair of hands or a willing babysitter too! 

We started looking for baby monitors when we were expecting Lyra. In my role as a doctor and trainee anaesthetist, I am familiar with how tech can support healthcare. So I knew I wanted a smart monitor that would connect to my phone. We wanted a monitor that we could use for when grandparents were looking after the children too. 

I started googling options and looking at online reviews and was delighted when I came across Bluebell. 

I really liked the idea of not having a camera at the time. The wristband was a unique feature. It is unobtrusive and non-invasive, it really reduced our parental stress by notifying us only if Lyra really needed us (i.e. crying, rolling over etc), so we were not tied to looking at a monitor and wondering if everything was OK. We are a busy family, often out and about and the Bluebell works out of home with the wristband too - which is a feature you just don’t find with other monitors.

It was important for me to have a good app and the Bluebell app is fantastic, all the tracking and data in an easy to use format. We share the app with our parents so they too have the details of what Lyra and now Phoebe’s routine is and have peace of mind that if the baby needs them whilst they are in charge, they will get the necessary alerts too.

We use the Bluebell monitor now for our youngest daughter Phoebe and it continues to provide us with peace of mind. 

It’s a super product and the customer support is second to none. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a Bluebell monitor.


  • Life saver
  • Helped with routine