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"Really is the next best thing to being with baby 24-7. The Bluebell smart watch and phone app tracks baby’s breathing, temperature, nap time feeds, position and more. That's bedtime sorted."

"Take the Bluebell Baby Monitor… which the company is calling ‘a smart monitoring system like no other'. A waterproof monitor with a hypoallergenic casing and strap attaches to a baby’s clothing to monitor breathing rate, skin temperature, crying, activity level and sleep/awake status."

"This is an all singing all dancing monitor. Once set up, it is easy to use and you can use it as a one-stop-shop for all your baby recording."

"When it comes to ensuring your baby is safely sleeping, and the correct temperature, it’s one of the best... with up to five days of battery life (much more than most baby monitors) the connectivity works inside and outside the house, rather than...

"No one wants to make an unnecessary visit to A&E if they can help it – and it is not in the NHS’s interest, either. This is part of the logic driving the doctors who developed the Bluebell monitor."

"Along with the essentials – nappies, cot, buggy, endless patience – a smart baby monitor is fast becoming a must-have for new parents in the know."
"Maybe you're a parent-to-be who already has a darling nursery set-up... but you'd still like tech to help you be extra-prepared. Then perhaps you'd like a Bluebell Smart baby monitor."
"Monitoring your baby has come on leaps and bounds over the past two decades...Bluebell is a great example, leading the way with its technology."
"Most baby monitors still don't sync with a smartphone. By contrast, the Bluebell Smart baby monitor offers such a comprehensive suite of digital services..."

"Our Pick of Recommended & Trusted Baby Monitors for 2019... Watch over your baby complete confidence with one of these trusted and recommended brands."

"It is understandable that many new parents have a huge anxiety about the health and wellbeing of their new born baby. The Bluebell baby monitor helps to ease the initial stress surrounding the safety of your new born baby."

“Game changer: Bluebell might just be the future of baby monitoring. This new tech monitors both parents and child, supporting your wellbeing in tandem."
"At the heart of Bluebell is the ability for parents and carers to customise their experience to suit their needs and parenting lifestyle"
"This monitor not only keeps an eye on your baby, it helps with your physical and mental wellbeing too... It totally taps into modern parents’ lives, where everything can be seen and monitored with apps."
"Bluebell’s thoughtful design goes above and beyond the expectations of a typical baby monitor... Our company ethos is about making parenting simpler, and we’re confident our Smart Baby Monitor does just that”
"Bluebell has revolutionized the way that parents can monitor their babies. From a change in temperature, to letting you know when your baby has turned over, this is the very best in a smart monitoring system."
"Be one of the first to get your hands on the Bluebell Smart monitoring system, which includes a super-clever device that clips on to your baby's clothing and alerts you via a wristband if he rolls on to his front, gets too hot or cries, plus monitors his breathing."
"Congratulations to Giant Health Event 2019 Beanstalk winner Connido, a UK-based startup developing an integrated wearable solution which provides a better, more reliable and convenient baby monitoring experience."

"While it remains true that there is no substitute for a parent's instinct or common sense, new technology is able to supplement this, giving additional information or reassurance where needed and allowing parents to get on with the real hands-on ...

"Not satisfied with the level of support for parents provided by existing baby monitors, they set about developing a technologically advanced but easy-to-use solution."

"Bluebell in conjunction with design agency Tangerine, have developed a smart monitor incorporating wearable technology with smart tech that’ll not only keep your little ones safe, but also help improve their routines and sleeping patterns."<...

“With the millennial generation typically being those having babies at the moment, technology is so important. These parents have grown up with technology and having the latest gadget and the most advanced product is essential."

"Monitoring your baby has come on leaps and bounds over the past two decades...Bluebell is a great example, leading the way with its technology."

"New smart baby monitor looks to 'give parents their time back.' Design consultancy Tangerine has created a three-part monitoring device, which alerts parents through vibrations and flashing lights on a wearable wristband if there are any concerns...

"A truly revolutionary and intuitively designed system, Bluebell offers unrivalled support, going above and beyond the expectations of a monitor."

“Ms Kendell singled out the new Bluebell smart monitoring system, priced at £299, as perfect for keeping a close eye on the royal baby and new mother Meghan.” “The only monitor for the royal household to consider is the new Bluebell monitor, as it’ll support Meghan’s well-being as well.” – Emma Kendell, Mother & Baby Magazine

"Helping hands are always appreciated when it comes to parenting, and wearable tech could be a real boon in this area."

"The state-of-the-art Bluebell includes a monitor, which clips to the baby’s clothes, which can track and issue alerts on breathing, skin temperature, position, sleep, activity and when the baby cries."