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14 things not to miss at The Baby Show ExCel 2020

We absolutely love The Baby Show, and we’re sure you’re going to love it too! Whether you’re a new parent or expecting a little one, there’s so much stuff to see, buy and do. It’s a fab weekend packed full of tips, talks, things to try out and of course the best products to buy for your family. This one’s taking place at London ExCel, February 28th – March 1st. If you haven’t already got your tickets, you can get them here.

The Bluebell Smart baby monitor stand at The Baby Show

Of course, we’d love to include every event and exhibitor in this list, and it was tough to narrow down, but if you need some tips on what to do and see, here are our faves: 

  1. Your MadeForMums goody bag

Starting off with a classic. At each Baby Show, the wonderful MadeForMums are there in full force. One thing you don’t want to miss out on from this team is the legendary MadeForMums goodybag. This bag will cost you a mere £5 and it’s packed full of little treats for you and baby.

Think bottles, wipes, toiletries, snacks and loads of other cute little samples. Click here to see what was in the bag at the last Baby Show (the stuff inside was worth £55!). There’s also a little surprise from Bluebell in there this year!

  1. Find your perfect pram (and try it out!)

One marvelous thing about this event – there’s buggies galore! And you’re sure to find the perfect pram/pushchair/buggy for you and your little one. One of the biggest names in the pram world is iCandy – they’ll be showing off their wares at stand G20.

And another great Baby Show bonus feature – you can even take some of the prams for a spin at the MadeForMums buggy testing track! You can take this opportunity to really get hands on before you buy. Get a proper feel, practice folding them and test them out on different surfaces to find exactly what works best for you. You can’t miss this – it’s at stand K10.

The MadeForMums buggy testing track at The Baby Show

Test out some prams at the MadeForMums buggy testing track

  1. The Sleep Clinic sponsored by John Lewis & Partners

With so many babies and new parents suffering from sleep problems, this brand new Baby Show feature will come in pretty handy for some. The Sleep Clinic will be giving one-to-one advice from some of the nation’s best sleep experts. Plus, the Nursery Advice Service from John Lewis & Partners will be there to give you advice on designing your nursery. Pop along to get your sleep and nursery questions answered. You’ll see them as you walk in – stand H10.

  1. Baby First Aid with Daisy First Aid

The Baby Show isn’t just about the products. There are loads of great talks and things to learn about right across the weekend, including free first aid classes with Daisy First Aid. Even if it’s just for peace of mind, it’s great to know what to do if your baby ever needs a little bit of help.

These first aid demonstrations will help you learn key first aid skills for if they’re ever needed. They’re taking place at various times over the weekend on the live talk stage.

  1. Some of the cutest hidden gems

Of course, many parents and parents-to-be will be on the lookout for the best bargains on those big products (prams, cots, car seats, etc.), but one of the most beautiful things about the baby show is that there are loads of little hidden gems.

Pattie & Co (stand E45) have a cute range of muslin blankets, comforters and swaddles, all made from good quality organic cotton that’s kind to baby’s skin. Millie & Ralph (stand F44) will have your little one looking lovely in their gorgeous knitwear, comfy nightwear and adorable little booties. Ziggle (stand L37) can kit your little one right out – from hats to socks to leggings and towels, their bright prints will have your baby looking oh so adorable. And If you’re looking for some charming, eco-friendly toothbrushes, bowls, spoons, towels, blankets, etc. then Bubba Boo (stand M41) is the place to go.

It’s not all about baby – why not treat yourself too?! Hotmilk Lingerie has got new mums and mums-to-be covered when it comes to super stylish nursing and maternity bras, sleepwear, knickers and more! You can find them at stand L52.

A bowl and spoon from Bubba Boo who will be at The Baby Show this year

Check out Bubba Boo’s bamboo plates and bowls at stand M41

  1. Sign up for some classes

If you’re looking to improve your knowledge or get some help in a specific area, this is the place where you can learn about where to meet likeminded people and swot up on your parenting knowledge.

Basking babies (stand D33) have a range of classes across Essex including baby massage, baby reflexology and baby yoga. Mummy Cooks (stand M20) provides cooking classes from the comfort of your own home – her simple online classes will teach you how to make healthy food for you and your baby. And MumShape (Stand D42) is a health app that has a load of helpful stuff on, including connecting women with pre- and postnatal fitness classes.

  1. The Weaning Kitchen

Even if your little one hasn’t started weaning (or even been born) yet, it doesn't hurt to swot up on weaning info for when they start. Check out The Weaning Kitchen at stand N65 to see some awesome demos by food experts. They’ll show you simple and healthy recipes that you can make for you baby, as well as answer your questions. There will be workshops with the amazing Annabel Karmel, Charlotte Stirling-Reed, Michaela Chiappa and more!

Products from Pattie & Co who will be at The Baby Show

Treat your little one to some organic cotton muslin items from Pattie & Co at stand E45

  1. Find your perfect carrier

Another big one – the baby carrier. Carriers can be used from birth right up to preschool age. Finding the right carrier for you and your little one is important to make sure it’s comfy and practical for what you plan on using it for. If you’re looking for a carrier, you could try Close Parent (stand K55), LittleLife (stand C20) or Ergobaby (stand G45). You could also check out our post written by one of the UK’s top babywearing experts for more tips.

  1. Breastfeeding and Introducing Solids with NCT and Lidl

There are so many great talks on over the weekend, you’ll probably want to go to them all! This one sounds great for covering feeding in the first year of your baby’s life. There are so many things that parents need to learn, know and do, and at The Baby Show you can learn from the very best. This talk is on across all three days at 4:15 on the live talk stage.

  1. Make the most of the facilities

You may very well be bringing your little one along for the day, or you might be a mum-to-be and need to rest a little bit more than you usually do. Luckily there are plenty of places to eat, drink, or to just have a bit of a sit down.

You might also want to look out for the baby and toddler play area (stand B5) where you can have a rest while your little one gets involved in activities with What’s On 4 Kids. There’s the Baby Feeding Café (stand D60) with some comfy seating, complimentary breast pads and baby food. And the LIDL Lupilu changing area (Stand A10) where you’ll find a clean, safe and warm environment to change baby, and you can even try out their wipes and nappies.

The Baby Show Olympia from above

There are so many things to see and do at The Baby Show!

  1. Say anything

We know how important the mental wellbeing of new parents is, and we also know just how stressful having a baby can be. So do Say Anything, and they’re here to help. This app has been created to empower mums, letting them talk to like-minded people, practice mindfulness, listen to podcasts, write, etc. in a secure space. They look to improve wellbeing while addressing the financial pressures that public health and social systems are facing. You can find out more at stand C33.

  1. Bluebell

Of course, we couldn’t leave ourselves off the list! And you definitely don’t want to leave The Baby Show without having a demo of our Smart Baby Monitor. It goes above and beyond to monitor your baby’s breathing, temperature and more. It can help promote sleep, keep you connected to baby 24/7 and it even looks after your wellbeing! It combines multiple products in one to make life hassle-free. It’s super sleek, hands-free and even works outside the home.

We’d love to meet you – come say hi and enter our incredible competition. We’ve also got a fancy new Baby Show home built by the wonderful exhibition stand contractors Quadrant2Design. Pop over and take a look at stand L42!

The Bluebell Smart baby monitor on display at The Baby Show

Come and see our Smart baby monitor for yourself at stand L42

  1. Find your perfect cot

Quite possibly the first thing on your list: baby’s cot. With so many different types out there, trawling through them on the internet can get a bit overwhelming. That’s why it’s so wonderful to visit The Baby Show and actually see the cots and talk to the experts to find what one’s right for you. Head over to Tutti Bambini (stand L20) for something classic, Mokee (stand B44) for a Scandinavian twist, or Obaby (stand B20) for a whole range of different cots and cot beds. 

  1. Incredible guest speakers

One of the biggest highlights of The Baby Show and something you won’t get if you’re getting your baby gear in a shopping centre: expert talks and guest speakers. Of course, it’s difficult to pick between them and it depends on which day you’re going – check out this list to find who you fancy seeing.

From maternal mental health advocates and breastfeeding counsellors, to paediatricians and vloggers, to the one and only Sleep Nanny, you can gain a wealth of knowledge (and have a nice sit down) over at the live talk stage.

A live talk taking place at The Baby Show

There are loads of great talks over on the live talks stage

The Baby Show is 18 years old this year! To have such a long running event, it shows they really know what they’re doing. Head to their website if you still need tickets and to find out more about the fab things you can see and do there. And don’t forget to pop