Learn from Other's Sharenting: Advice for Parents from the Social Media Parent Community

Sharenting can sometimes get a bit of a bad rep, but the world of parent social media does have excellent parenting advice, inspiration and can provide you with that much needed sense of community as a new parent. 

Between the emotional rollercoaster of becoming a new parent and trying to get up-to-speed on what it takes to look after your newborn,  staying connected with the social media parent community, knowing you’re not alone and accessing handy tips 24/7 can make a huge impact in terms of your wellbeing, especially with it’s your turn to do the 2am feed! 

The trick is knowing which are the best parent social media channels to turn to for parenting advice and parenting support. We’ve got you covered with a handy list of online resources to bring you lots of tips; and keep you smiling and positive on your parenting journey.

Preparing for Parenthood

Need some ideas on how to prepare your house for your little one’s new arrival? The parent community on social media has you covered! 

Marie Kondo is a great source of parent inspiration on social media, providing useful tips and tricks towards streamlining your home in preparation for your baby’s arrival. From kitchen to nursery organisation, ensuring you bring your baby home to a clean and well organised space will help you through those first few difficult months – and Marie has just had her own baby! So we’re sure she will be sharing even more useful style and organisation advice to help you on your parenting journey! 

Follow Crate and Kids for some serious style inspiration when it comes to kitting out the nursery.  Luckily your Bluebell monitor will look the part!

bluebell baby nursery

Photo @MarieKondo @CrateandKids

Positive Parenting

As daunting as it can be, we all want to do the best we can in our biggest role.  There are some amazing parent social media resources that will allow you to embrace your parenting journey with a positive mindset.   A one-stop-shop for parent advice and suggestions is the hugely popular Instagram channel Positive Parenting Solutions.

The Yes Mum, focuses on empowering women and families on their parenthood journey, through uplifting messages and affirmations.  Holly has cultivated a large Instagram presence and an excellent podcast that promotes positivity, education and self-care – definitely worth a follow or a listen. 

If you love a Podcast, the most popular parenting podcast in the UK is MotherKind and was launched by Zoe as she got to grips with parenthood, admitting her daughter was the best thing that ever happened to her, but it also brought to the surface all her fears and anxieties.  With a really varied line-up, you’re sure to find a guest of interest.

Baby’s Arrival

When our  little bundle of joy arrives, we can feel thrown into parenthood, questioning if we’re doing everything right. This is where the parenting community on social media can provide a helping hand...

Child psychologist Dr.Kimberly (@the_psychologists_child) and therapist Jess (@ourmamavillage) use their parent advice focused social media platforms to deliver insightful tips and advice about how to help you bring up your little one. From navigating motherhood during a pandemic to understanding your own emotions, their pages are filled with advice and parents in similar positions as you to help you through these stages and feel part of a community.

Practical Tips

Alison Perry (@iamalisonperry) is a Mum of three, including twins. She regularly posts motherhood topics on Instagram covering mum guilt, postnatal depression and finding your identity as a Mum. Alison also speaks on top parenting podcast ‘Not Another Mummy Podcast’ with a host of interesting guests, where they dive deeper into these subjects for you to have a listen to on your early morning starts.

To feel like part of a community

With the pandemic putting a halt to so many things and the difficulty of being able to go out as a new parent it can be hard to feel like part of a community. Mother’s Meetings (@mothersmeetings) is a great parent community on social media filled with advice from inspirational women and Mums covering topics from managing stress, to setting up a new business, to interiors. Established by Jenny Scott in 2010, the platform helps Mums feel supported and connected. This page is great for new parents navigating their way through motherhood. Jenny has also written a fab book called How to be a Hip Mama Without Losing Your Cool: How to Embrace Motherhood and Still Be You which is a great sanity-saver!

hip mama bluebell

Inspiring Mums & Dads

Sharenting sensation Anna Whitehouse (@mother_pukka) set up the Flex Appeal in 2015 to fight for flexible working for everyone. Following the ideology that so long as the job is done and done on time, why does it matter when or where it gets done? Encouraging the many parents who will benefit from this type of working, the campaign even reached parliament and was cited in 2019 when the Flexible Working Bill was introduced. Anna’s Instagram page and blog are all about empowerment and fighting for equal rights for women and Mums – we definitely recommend a follow.

Simon Hooper ( @father_of_daughters) is a dad to four girls and captures the trials and tribulations of day-to-day family life on his parent social media channels, whilst also sharing DIY tips as they renovate their beautiful seaside home.

To help your wellbeing

We all need a little pick me up from time to time, that’s why Stacie Swift (@stacieswift) and Dr.Emma Hepburn (@thepsychologymum) are two amazing Instagram accounts to follow. With beautiful designs, their illustrative pick-me-ups are great ways to remind you of how strong you are and to stay positive.

Inspiring Celeb Mums

There are so many fantastic celebrity mums sharenting but author, actress, blogger, presenter, podcaster and mum of three Giovanna Fletcher is definitely one of our favourites. Her podcast ‘Happy Mum Happy Baby’ discusses all aspects of parenthood, from the highs and lows and reminds us to support each other and stop comparing ourselves. It’s a great listen whilst you’re cooking dinner or in the car and the podcast has featured a host of celebrity guests. Not to mention, she’s also good friends with Mum of three, Rochelle Humes, who is also worth a follow.  It’s not just Giovanna who has her hands full, but Rochelle is also a presenter, author, singer and owner of baby skincare range My Little Coco – a genuine Mum boss!