Mum-to-be gift ideas for Christmas 2019

It might not be possible to give her what she REALLY wants for Christmas – like a magical tea that stops morning sickness, or a new pair of un-swollen feet – but you can give her something to make her feel special or help her relax as she works ever so hard growing a beautiful little human.

Pregnant lady in Christmas jumper standing by Christmas tree

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  1. Something smelly

If she’s suffering from sickness, it can be pretty rubbish, but she’s not alone – morning sickness affects a whopping 70-80% of pregnant women! Unfortunately, there’s no actual cure for it but it’s been found that there are a few things that can help with feelings of nausea. One of these is the use of specific smells, and there are many products out there that can fill the home with calming scents that may help her feel a little bit better. 

Some muscle soak can be lovely in a nice warm bath – and how about some candles to go with that? HYP candles are created with all-natural ingredients so that they’re safe for use in those nine months. Or offer a range of pregnancy candles in scents said to be helpful for reducing pregnancy nausea. And just think of how lovely the house will smell. It’s a win-win!

  1. Something cozy

As difficult as it can be for some, taking time out for some R&R during pregnancy is so important. It’s possible that she may be struggling with sleep (a huge 78% of pregnant women do), so just getting plenty of down-time can be helpful for mind and body, even if it’s not all spent sleeping.

Help her get as cozy and relaxed as possible with a special pregnancy pillow, a night light that can help her to wind down and wake up naturally, or just a set of comfy PJs to help her settle down in her sleep sanctuary (or Netflix and snacks sanctuary!).

Christmas socks in front of a Christmas tree

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  1. Something sparkly

It’s easy for women to lose a bit of body confidence as their bump grows, and just as easy to start covering up with baggy t-shirts and joggers. Of course, these are absolutely fine to wear (and super comfy) but something chic for the holiday season may just give her a body confidence boost. It can also remind her of how much you adore her, regardless of what shape and size she is.

Head over to Asos for something unique, and Boohoo has loads of options and won’t break the bank. Or if sequins and shimmer aren’t for her, Seraphine has some elegant pieces fit for royalty (literally – Kate Middleton wears their clothes!).

  1. Something chilled

Pregnancy can be pretty exhausting (to say the least) and things can become a little bit stressful – especially if there are older children, jobs, housework, etc. in the mix. All mums-to-be deserve a good rest when they can get it - it can help with both their physical and mental health. So why not help encourage it by buying them a mum-to-be spa day, treating them to a tranquil weekend away or even getting them some vouchers for the cinema and their favourite restaurant, for a simple but special night out.

  1. Something sorted

We know how busy life can get, especially around Christmas. You’ve probably got a million things to get done and a million and one presents to buy. Luckily there are loads of places that will do (some of) the hard work for you by putting together gift sets that you can just pop in and buy or order online.

My Expert Midwife have a great set of pregnancy oils and sprays designed specifically to pamper mums-to-be. For something luxurious, Bump to Box will create your very own bespoke gift box. Or there’s a whole host of unique gift boxes over on Etsy – take your pick!

Christmas gift in a box with a bow

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  1. Something created

If you’ve got a bit of spare time, you might decide to make her something. Handmade, personalised gifts can really help to make someone feel special. As she progresses through her pregnancy, day-to-day things might become a little bit more difficult to do. You could create a set of cards that she can bring out at any time when she needs a hand with something.

Depending on your level of arty-ness, you could design your own or print some out and then cover things like household chores, days/nights out, foot massages, etc. Something totally simple but extremely sweet!

  1. Something caring

When your little one arrives, it will be such an exciting time, but it will also probably be all go-go-go. You could use this Christmas to get mum something special for a bit of help once the baby arrives. The Elvie Pump and Elvie Trainer can both be heaps of help when it comes to discreetly pumping milk and doing pelvic floor exercises. Or why not get her a Bluebell Smart monitoring system? It gives you hands-free monitoring of baby’s breathing, temperature, position and more, helps create the perfect sleep environment, guides you on getting into a consistent routine, and even has features that look after mum! It’s an extra helping hand for when baby arrives (when you need it most, really).

  1. Just something

Of course, gifts don’t all have to be pregnancy focused; in fact, it might be nice to buy her something to take her mind off of the tiredness, cravings and needing to wee every five minutes. You can basically never go wrong with jewellery or perfume, or what about something a bit more unique? Some microwavable slippers, perhaps? Something to brighten up the home? Or what about a book subscription to keep her pleasantly entertained way past Christmas?

Pregnant lady reading a book

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Whatever you buy her, we’re sure she’ll appreciate and cherish it (even if it’s just you cooking the Turkey so she can put her feet up). We hope you have a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate it), or just a well-deserved winter break!