Unique Mother's Day gifts for new mums

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, if like many, you’re aren’t as prepared as you’d like to be - or it’s your first one and you’re not sure what to get - help is at hand. We’ve put together a list of some thoughtful gifts with new mums in mind.

Make it personal

Your little one will grow up so quickly, so creating and capturing those precious memories will always be a winner. A framed photograph, hand/footprints (made with baby safe paints, of course) or a memory frame with their hospital ID tag, the babygrow they wore home, a first picture, etc. will all be cherished long after Mother’s Day, personalised gifts can also work well, things like baby and mum’s name inscribed onto a bracelet, necklace, keyring. Or something a bit more unique, like:

A star map

Use the day and location of your little one’s birth to create a beautiful map of the stars from that night. This is something that can be kept for a lifetime and is a good idea if you’ve got lots of new items for the baby and want to keep clutter to a minimum.

A work of art

Commissioning an artist to paint your family portrait may be a bit too much effort – especially when there’s a new baby to look after – but there are plenty of places online where you can get quirky family portraits done. For example, Poster Haste create cute, minimalist family portraits with next day delivery (when ordered before 11:30am). Or why not take the photo out of a frame and put it on something she can use while she recovers? Wrappz have a range of personalised photo cushion designs that are perfect for Mother’s Day. And Getting Personal offer some fabulous personalised gifts - check out their  bespoke, handcrafted paper cut family trees - what a lovely surprise for a new mum.

Something cozy

Childbirth is as exhausting as it is amazing, and a new mum definitely deserves some rest and pampering. Try putting together a pamper box with her favourite bubble bath, chocolates etc. or how about getting her a lovely personalised dressing gown, some fluffy slippers with her initials on, or some personalised bath bombs. Add to this the ultimate luxury: take care of the baby so she can get some much deserved ‘me’ time - trust us, a day time bath is the height of indulgence for new mums.

Make wellness an everyday priority and take some pressure off

A baby monitor for peace of mind

This list wouldn’t be complete without a Bluebell baby monitor - an exciting and unique gift that give you a different kind of baby monitoring. It's perfect for a new mum (and a pretty cool gadget for dad to get involved with too). The Smart monitoring system was designed by parents to help with both your wellbeing and your little one’s. It monitors your baby’s temperature, breathing, sleep, whether they’ve turned on their tummy, as well as monitoring your sleep, steps and mood. It helps promote good sleep by monitoring the temperature and noise level of your baby’s room and proving a soft nightlight and gentle lullabies. It can also help with your daily routine and capturing those precious memories and milestones. It’s an all in one system that can help relieve worries and make parenting simpler at every step. it's definitely one of the best baby monitors out there. Get yours now!

The Bluebell baby monitor is one of the best baby monitors in stores now

Stress free pumping so dad can take a turn with feeding

It’s advised that babies should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months (where possible) but for many women, pumping milk can take a lot of time and energy for what seems like little reward (ounce wise). Elvie have designed the world’s first silent, wearable breast pump that can be used anywhere without the need for wires or tubes. It simply slips into a nursing bra for hassle-free pumping.

A personal massage therapist

Life with a new baby can be hectic, and although visiting a spa may be a lovely idea, it might not be practical for everyone. There are a number of gadgets that can be used at home when she has a spare five minutes to help relieve tension.

The Naipo head and shoulder massager gives deep tissue massages with four settings, has an adapter so it can be used in the car and it can also be used on different parts of the body. After running around all day, relaxing with a foot massage may be just the ticket; this one from Shiatsu offers invigorating massages, with or without heat. Or maybe she’ll appreciate an eye massager to help her through those sleepy days.

Treat her for eternity

Turn your star into a star

A great way to commemorate her first Mother’s Day could be by giving her a gift that will last forever. Name a star with Star Name Registry and you can even find it yourself in the UK night sky! It can be turned into a gift with a frame and they never name the same star twice. You can name one star, or select ‘binary star’ and name two stars after your partner and bundle of joy – how magical.

A special subscription box

Subscription boxes have really started to boom over the last few years, which means there are now some more unique ones that will can keep giving her some wonderful surprises (until you choose to cancel). It’s a gift that will keep on giving and showing her how much she means long after Mothering Sunday. Try a wellness box such as Natural Wellness for some monthly pick me ups. For crafty mums, Craftiosity delivers monthly, limited edition craft kits that can offer a nice change of pace. Or for something extremely cute (and a bit cheaper), SoSocksy will deliver two adorable pairs of socks each month!

Give the gift of time

Get more time to relax with a Bluebell baby monitor

OK, we know it’s not unique, but it may seem like it for her! Between cooking, washing, feeds, nappy changes and attempting to get at least a few hours of sleep, the idea of free time may seem like a far off dream for both of you – and this is why she’ll appreciate it so much. The gift of time is priceless, so, if you’re able to, why not offer to take the little one for a day and let her have some free time with her friends (or by herself).

Or, if you’re up for getting a bit creative, make some personalised coupons that she can redeem when she wants to. Sometimes the simplest things can mean the most, e.g. ‘Dad cooks your favourite meal’ ‘breakfast in bed’ or ‘date night’ - these help take some pressure off, and help you make time for each other too, which is always a tricky balance with a new sleep thief in the house!

We’ve only covered a few, but there are so many ways you can surprise your partner and remind her to take care of herself too. Let us know in the comments below what special ideas you’ve got for a wonderful new mum.