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An interview with the creators of the Bluebell Smart baby monitor

Many moons ago, three dads going through the ups and downs of fatherhood realised that maybe there could be a solution for some of the day-to-day things that they worried about with raising their little ones. They put their heads together, along with their experiences as fathers, partners, doctors and management consultants and conceived Bluebell! Over the last few years they’ve put in a huge amount of effort to create something that can help parents just like them: the Bluebell Smart monitoring system.

We thought you might like to find out a bit more about these guys, their experiences of fatherhood and just what drove them to get stuck into this startup and create a first-of-its-kind baby monitor. Introducing Markus, Naveen and Romi, the official dads of Bluebell.

The creators of the Bluebell baby monitor

Markus works on all the clever product things. He’s a dad of three and a keen pianist.

Naveen is all about strategy, legal and finance stuff. He loves playing cricket with his two wonderful kids.

Romi deals with fundraising, marketing and sales. He’s a big kid at heart and you might just find him playing with remote control toys with his son!

Fatherhood, friendship, and what drove them to create a smart baby monitor


What’s the best thing about being a dad?

M: It makes you reassess what’s important in life.

N: As stressful as it is, it’s a huge privilege to shape another human being; to see them grow and to see how what you say and do impacts them. Now that my kids are getting older, I can see how their personalities are shaping and it’s just a great privilege to be able to see that.

R: For me, it’s given me a bit of a realisation about my childhood. Now that I’m in my parents shoes I can look back and really appreciate them.

Not just for babies - monitor parents' wellbeing too!

What things have you experienced with your own children that you’re hoping Bluebell can help new parents with?

R: We definitely struggled to get into a good routine. Sometimes I’d be lying with my son for a couple of hours until he’d fall asleep. So if we can log different things and help a baby get into a systematic routine using a baby monitor, it can hopefully help them to fall asleep faster.

M: I think just moments of worry. When baby’s sleeping and you need some downtime, you can still be constantly worrying about them. But you can trust Bluebell to tell you if something’s wrong.

N: When you have your first child, you’re not really prepared to be a parent. You can attend different classes and, even though I’m a doctor and know a lot about babies, actually becoming a parent is different and it can be very stressful. So we want to try to reduce some of that stress. We want to give parents reassurance so that they don’t have to check on their baby all the time or constantly watch a video screen or worry if they are OK.

Where do you see Bluebell in five years?

M: We hope to see Bluebell available globally and be considered the best option for parents in terms of technology… and probably some new products and some cool new features to make parenting simpler.

R: The Apple of baby monitors!

N: We want to build a community of parents who are benefiting from using Bluebell and the information that we can provide them with. As babies grow older and their needs change we’d like to support parents through Bluebell with different products, features and services. We want to add to the latest evidence for what works best for baby’s sleep and how to improve family wellbeing!

The baby monitor has launched with John Lewis

What have you learned from creating Bluebell?

M: Starting from zero and creating such a complex technological product is… complex! You need to make sure you have the right team to make it all happen.

N: We learn new things every day. From technical things to working with partners to building strategy. It is critical to talk to parents and get their views on their challenges and what they would like help with – you can’t make something like this in isolation.

R: Getting the right team is so important. Not just internal but external - our business partners. And our partners – they’re very understanding, and have supported us through all the ups and downs. You need people around you who understand and support you.

Finally, what’s your parenting motto?

R: I follow my dad’s: ‘you’ll only learn if you burn your fingers’. That’s my motto as well.

N: ‘Whatever mum says is right’! Parents worry about if they are doing the right thing or not - doubting themselves all the time. But, in the end, what matters the most is just being there for your kids - to support them and love them.

M: ‘Parenting isn’t a one-way street’. You raise them but they also raise you. They will make you think about the world differently just like you make them think about the world differently.

The Bluebell team have put lots of expertise into creating the baby monitor

Bluebell has been created with love, energy and dedication. The baby monitor is just the start of this journey to help parents and their babies through the use of technology. If want to be part of this, you can buy one now! Could this be the future of parenting? Watch this space!