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19 Ways to and 5 Ways Not to Announce Your Pregnancy at Christmas

If you're expecting and planning on announcing your pregnancy at Christmas, congratulations! Christmas is the time for joy, giving, and, most importantly, some festive family fun! And how special will this Christmas be with the gift of a new baby on the way? The festive season is the best time to share your excitement with loved ones, especially if it's a rare opportunity to have all your family in one place at the same time. 

Announcing your pregnancy at Christmas and in the time of family fun, is a really special event and brings lots of joy, but it can also cause a bit of a shock. Especially if there are family members that aren’t expecting the news. So below, we’ve created a list of 19 fun ways to announce your pregnancy, as well as our 5 top tips on how not to disclose your pregnancy at Christmas. Hopefully these ideas and advice will help you to navigate the festive season and to reveal your exciting news!

19 ideas for announcing your pregnancy at Christmas

If you are expecting, give your friends and family what they are (maybe) least expecting, with a special Christmas pregnancy announcement that is sure to bring lots of joy! From super simple pregnancy announcements to a little more effort involved, we have lots of cute ideas to help you celebrate your pregnancy and commemorate this special time with a beautiful Christmas themed pregnancy announcement! 

We've split our round-up of 19 cute ways to announce your pregnancy list into two sections: ways to announce your pregnancy in person and from afar, just in case you're not able to see all of your loved ones in-person to share your special news with them. 

Announcing your pregnancy in person at Christmas 

Matching PJ's

Matching PJ's

Credit: BlondarazziDesigns Instagram

How adorable would your Christmas morning be if you were announcing your pregnancy with matching pyjamas? We love the plaid bottoms and the titles: Mommy and Daddy Claus, they're so precious! If you aren't able to spend Christmas Day with your loved ones, or they would expect you to be dressed when they see you, you could always take a festive snap and share the photo with them instead, either on Christmas morning or in advance!  

Personalised Christmas bauble

Personalised Christmas bauble

Credit: Awe Inspired Crafts Instagram

Whether you want to wrap this gorgeous Christmas bauble up and give it to your family members to unwrap on Christmas Day, or you want to hang it on your tree and wait for your loved ones to notice, these announcement baubles are so precious! Pair it with your sonogram photo for maximum joy. 

Plus, we've even seen some parents-to-be make their baubles and gift them to each of their family members. 

Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf

Credit: Dan McGinty Flickr

If you're hosting Christmas this year, why not leave your sonogram photo with family favourites, Elf on the Shelf, and wait for your family to notice? A fun and cute way to announce that you're expecting! Alternatively, you could take a photo of the set-up and wrap it up in a frame to gift to your family members. 

Christmas wish list

Christmas wish list

Credit: N.Photography Instagram

This photoshoot with a little Christmas wish list is too precious if you already have some little ones! We love the matching plaid pyjamas for the whole family to really get the festive feelings going, and it's just so sweet. You could recreate this idea by taking a photo in matching pyjamas and creating your own chalkboard. Alternatively, if you're going to have family around, you could set up the chalkboard somewhere that they'll spot it!

Cocoa + milk + marshmallows 

Cocoa + milk + marshmallows 

Credit: Raising Malaya

If you're a big fan of being snuggly and drinking hot chocolate, then a little hot drinks station with mugs for the parents-to-be and the sonogram picture somewhere could be an adorable option for you! Plus, if there are family members that can't be with you this Christmas, you could take a photo of the set-up and post it to them with your Christmas card. 

A bun in the oven

A bun in the oven

Credit: At Home With Natalie Blog

If you're looking for inspiration on how to share the news that you're expecting with your family, Natalie shares a vlog of her and her husband sharing the news with their family that they have a bun in the oven. We love how they ran with the pregnancy-related statement and created a fun and festive Christmas pregnancy announcement!  

Baby onesies 


Credit: Tayywow Instagram

If you want to 'gift' your family the news and watch their reaction, instead of telling them out loud, you could opt for announcing your pregnancy by wrapping up a little onesie with bump's due date and gifting it to family members. Watch their delight as they unwrap the tiny onesie! Alternatively, you could take a photo of a scene similar to this, with a onesie, your ultrasound photo, some Christmas lights and some holly or a wreath and send it in a Christmas card to your loved ones. 

Cute ways to announce your pregnancy from afar

A family of tree

A family tree

Credit: Alyssa Shrock Photography

We love a pun, and this little 'family of tree' makes for a super cute way to announce your pregnancy. We love everything about the set-up of the photo, including the little Christmas tree between them with a Santa hat and booties! Parents-to-be Mitch and Kristin also had a wintery picnic as part of their photoshoot announcing their pregnancy at Christmas, and it's so precious.

Get the furry family involved

Credit: Harper Wigglebutt Instagram

If you've got fluffy family members, then why not include them in your pregnancy announcement too? We absolutely love this adorable bandana that fluffy big sister Harper is wearing! The letter board sign is precious too, and so easy to recreate for yourself. The matching plaid clothes really tie this announcement photo into the festive theme! 

We're adopting! 

we are adopting

Credit: Elizabeth Eden Website

There's more than one way to become parents, and we love this photoshoot of a couple that were adopting! If you're adopting but not sure whether you get to have an announcement and embrace the excitement too, you definitely do! We love everything about these photos, from the woodland setting to the tiny boots and the gorgeous Christmas stocking hanging on the tree. 

Backlit Bump

Backlit Bump

Credit: Rach Parcell Instagram

How adorable is this backlit bump announcement photo? Recreate it by drawing attention to your silhouette by backlighting yourself with a brightly lit Christmas tree. We love this way of announcing your pregnancy, whether you want to post the photo on social media, print it out for an announcement card or keep it for yourself to look back and remember your pregnancy. 

Snow Family

Snow Family

Credit: Popcorn and Pandas

If we get the white Christmas that we've been dreaming of, then why not take the opportunity to build a little snow family and include the tiny snowflake that's on their way too. Making your own little snow family is adorable whether you already have children or if this is your first child!

Wrapped up in Christmas lights

Credit: Christen Lynne Photography on Pinterest

Celebrate your bump by wrapping it up with some colourful festive lights! This way of announcing your pregnancy at Christmas is lovely because it can include your partner and make a big fuss of your bump. 

 Get dressed up 

get dressed up

Credit: Rach Parcell Blog

Regardless of the time of year, create a timeless look by getting dressed up in a fancy outfit and cradling your bump. Whether you go for a solo photoshoot or both of you as a couple, getting dressed up and taking a gorgeous photo to commemorate such a special time in your life is lovely. 

Put a bow on it

put a bow on it

Credit: J is for Jones Blog 

We love this idea! Emmy and Josh took these photos with a bow around Emmy's growing bump and then turned the pictures into a puzzle. They then sent the puzzle to their friends and family that couldn't be with them at Christmas to announce their pregnancy. We just think this is such a lovely idea!

Christmas themed letter board pregnancy announcement

Christmas themed letter board pregnancy announcement

Credit: Jules CT Photography Instagram

Cute and funny, we love this letter board pregnancy announcement! We love the fun of the play on words with the traditional Christmas song. This would look gorgeous, either shared on your social media or sent out to your friends and family in a card. 

Let Santa make the announcement 

let Santa make the annoucement

Credit: Pixel and Drops Instagram

If you've already got some little ones, why not take them to see Santa, along with your sonogram photo? This would make a precious photo that you can then share as your Christmas themed pregnancy announcement.  

Bumps First Scan Bauble

Bumps First Scan Bauble

Credit: Double Trouble P and D Etsy

If you're looking for a Christmas gift that doubles up as a Christmas-themed pregnancy announcement for those extra special family members that can't be with you on Christmas Day, how adorable is this bauble featuring your first scan? We think it's stunning and so unique. It's sure to spread the joy of your news! 

Santa hat with little boots

Credit: Allison Shumate Blog

 Now, this is precious! It's absolutely gorgeous and perfect for a Christmas card pregnancy announcement! We love everything about this photo and how it incorporates Santa's hat, the tiny boots, and the sonogram photo. 

Five tips on how not to announce your pregnancy this Christmas

Some words of warning about announcing your pregnancy at Christmas. Christmas is a special time of year and can be especially exciting when you have baby news to share with your loved ones. Plus, you'll want to take advantage of having everyone together in one place. However, suppose you're planning to announce your pregnancy in person on Christmas Day. In that case, it's essential to be aware that whilst this is super exciting news for you, you don't always know anyone else's fertility journey. And if there is anyone that you know has suffered a loss, struggled with their fertility, or miscarried, it might be best to take them aside before you make a big announcement to give them a chance to process the news quietly. This is a joyful time for you, but you don't want to inadvertently cause pain to someone you love.  

On social media first

Whilst this is your news to share however you like, and you might find it easier to just tell everyone at once with an announcement on social media or by Christmas card. You should be aware that some family members might resent this, especially those like your parents or in-laws. Some people might feel like there is an order of announcement, and they might want the opportunity to be 'in' on the news or secret before everyone else. Plus, because people use their social media differently, for example, some people only check in once a week, others use it daily; so, you might find that whilst you feel like you've told everyone at the same time, but they might get the news at different times and feel a bit put out by it. 

Additionally, if you have anyone from work or any commitments on social media, and you announce your pregnancy before letting your workplace know, you may find that the news spreads quicker than you want it to. You want to be in control of when your office or team find out you're expecting, so consider this when sharing your news and journey on social media.

Without a plan

Speak to your partner about how you wish to announce your pregnancy this Christmas. Are you going to their family's house or yours? Does their family have different traditions, customs or even just ways of communicating to your family? If so, you might want to think of how your hosts would receive the news. Will they feel like your news is taking over the occasion, or would they feel like you'd been holding back if you didn't tell them? Every family has different ways of thinking!

Without reading the room

Is there anyone that has suffered a pregnancy-related loss recently? If so, you might want to think twice about sharing your news in such a big way. And if you're close to the person, you'll want to consider giving them a heads up in advance. Just in case they want to make alternative plans or would like you to share the news when they're in a different room. If you're not aware of anyone who might be upset by your news, maybe double-check with the host if they know something that you don't.  

Don't announce at dinner

It might seem like the perfect place for announcing your pregnancy at Christmas, as everyone is sitting down to eat. Especially if you normally would drink a glass of wine with dinner and you want to subtly avoid any questions about why you’re not drinking. However, the big family meal isn't always the best place for your news, especially if you're not the person who has cooked the meal! Some people consider this quite rude as the celebration will overshadow their cooking. 

Don't overshadow the special occasion 

Of course, the anticipation of the arrival of a little one is very exciting. However, if you're spending Christmas with a broader group of family, then you might want to either hold off until you're with just your close or immediate family. Or maybe share your news on Boxing Day? Whilst it's really exciting for you and your immediate family, others that are a bit further from you might feel like you're overshadowing a special occasion with your news.

When's the right time to announce your pregnancy? 

It's a widely discussed topic, but there's no right or wrong time. It's an incredibly personal decision because everyone and their circumstances are different. However, we have found most parents-to-be told their family they were expecting when they were between four and eight weeks pregnant. Although, the most common time pregnancies are announced is once the mother reaches 12 weeks. This is because once mothers reach the end of the first trimester, they're in what is considered the 'safe zone' from a medical perspective. 

Telling the closest people in your life that you're pregnant before you announce to everyone else, is generally the preferred choice for most parents-to-be. But it's whatever works for you and your situation.  

Planning the perfect Christmas with bump

A Christmas with bump is a very special occasion. Sometimes we lose a bit of that childhood wonder around Christmas as we get older, but celebrating the festive season whilst pregnant really brings back the magic! One of our favourite things about Christmas is the opportunity to spend some time with our loved ones. There's something so special about spending time with our families and seeing everyone enjoy the festive season. And we just know that bump will get lots of fuss!

Plus, bump gives you the opportunity to take some of the magical traditions that you had when growing up, combined with your partner’s and to create Christmas traditions of your own. There are lots of ways to make this festive season extra special to mark bump's Christmas and to make it feel magical! Whether you're looking to start some new traditions ahead of your new arrival, or you're hosting Christmas this year and hoping to keep everyone entertained on the big day whilst you take it easy, we've got you covered with planning the perfect Christmas with bump! 

So, if you've got everyone together in one place and you're not sure how to keep everyone entertained on the big day, then don't worry! There's plenty of ways to keep the Christmas spirit going, and start some festive traditions for years to come. Here are some of our favourite ways to spend time with our families at Christmas:

  • Watch the classic Christmas movies like: It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, The Grinch and Elf!
  • Alternatively, you could have everyone bring their favourite Christmas movie to watch together when you host your family movie night. 
  • If we have a white Christmas, it's lovely to bundle up and go and play in the snow and have some winter fun! 
  • Create your own Christmas ornament. There are so many different ideas out there that you can do, and they're super simple too! 
  • Host a family game night to get everyone entertained. Have everyone bring their favourite game and let the fun begin!
  • Secret Santa is the perfect way to lower some of the pressure on you this Christmas. Whether you're newly pregnant or quite far along, take off some of the gift-giving pressure by organising a family Secret Santa for your family.
  • Create your own version of Bake Off for Christmas, get everyone to decorate a cookie or gingerbread and assign a judge to choose the winner!  

The festive period truly is the most wonderful time of year, and if you're expecting, this Christmas with bump will be even more special and precious for you. There's no reason at all not to announce your pregnancy at Christmas, and we hope our 19 ways to announce your pregnancy will give you lots of inspiration! Just bear in mind our five tips for how not to announce your pregnancy this Christmas and potentially upset anyone or miss the joyful reaction that you're hoping for. 

 We'd love to see any photos of your pregnancy announcements on social media; tag us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @bluebellfamily.