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How can a baby monitor help with wellness?

Driven by challenges we faced as parents, and with the lack of support that many new parents face, we came together to build a solution to make parenting simpler and improve the wellbeing of the entire family.

Bringing up a child is one of the most rewarding, yet one of the most difficult things in the world. You’ve created this tiny human being who is completely reliant on you from day one. It’s very easy for worries to build up: am I doing the right thing? Are they happy? Are they safe? So, it's no surprise that parenting can affect both the physical and mental wellbeing of parents. And then, to make matters worse, it is often difficult to get the support that's needed. Therefore, when we created Bluebell, we wanted to address the main challenges faced by parents. We understand that taking care of your little one is the most important thing, but your wellbeing is also important.

Here’s how Bluebell Smart monitoring system can help with your wellness too.

The Bluebell baby monitor being used by mother and baby

Peace of mind

Bluebell is not a replacement for the care of your baby, but it provides continuous baby tracking. It monitors their wellbeing and gives real-time alerts. This provides you with much needed reassurance and can reduce parental stress. It also means that you can spend a little more time focusing on your own wellbeing. Plus, it allows you to see how your baby is when they’re being cared for by others: granny, nanny or friends!

Continuous monitoring & real-time alerts

We’ve designed Bluebell to be an all-in-one system, so that you don’t have to worry about using different baby monitors/devices. Bluebell constantly monitors baby’s:

  • Breathing
  • Temperature
  • Position
  • Crying
  • Sleep
  • Activity

It also monitors temperature and noise level in baby’s room to create an ideal sleep environment. Whether you’re with baby or in the next room, having peace of mind over these things can help to reduce anxiety. If anything happens with baby’s breathing, temperature, etc. you will be notified on your Parent wristband and Mobile app. This means you’ll never miss an alert, and you can relax knowing that you don’t need to constantly check on them.

Reassurance when they’re with others

It’s important to take time to rest, so you’re at your best to look after your baby. This may mean calling upon a friend, family member or babysitter to allow you to have a bit of ‘me’ time. But you don’t need to worry about your baby falling out of their routine when this happens. Our baby monitor allows multiple people to download the Mobile app. Once you’ve added them to your family and approved their access level, they can share care of your little one, and keep everything on track.

The Bluebell app allows you to plan your baby’s routine and set reminders for activities like naps, feeding and nappy changes. So, when someone else is looking after your baby, they can follow the same routine by using the Mobile app. This means you’ll no longer need long hand-over notes, and their routine won’t get messed-up - and you can keep an eye on it all remotely!

You may also feel anxious about leaving your baby with someone else. This can be pretty tough, especially the first time you do it. By using multiple Mobile apps between carers, you can keep up to date with what your baby's doing, even when you’re not with them. This can help to reduce worries and let you get on with looking after yourself, getting back to work, etc.

Bluebell - a baby monitor for both parents and babies

Sounder sleep

We asked almost 300 parents what their biggest parenting worry is. The top answer was baby’s sleep, closely followed by their own sleep. Sleep is so important for our mental and physical health. A good night’s sleep can make us less irritable and boost overall mood. Chronic sleep debt may lead to depression and anxiety, and links have been found between sleep and postnatal depression. You can read more about it in our sleep for parents post.

Only alerted when needed

It’s normal to wake up in the middle of the night because you’re worried about your little one. Newborns are vulnerable to the world around them, and leaving them while you get some rest can be difficult. This is why we’ve designed Bluebell to alert you if there’s anything happening with your baby that you need to be aware of.

This type of monitoring is different to traditional monitors. There’s no need for constant video or audio, or to keep checking on them. This means you can sleep easier with the knowledge that your Parent wristband will vibrate and/or you will get sound notifications on your app (if you enable them) when you’re needed.

Plan your night wakings

Even though newborns sleep for 70% of the time, they still wake every few hours for feeding, changing or attention. This means that you need to wake up too – but when? Bluebell will notify you if your baby is crying and needs something. It also allows you to schedule events. E.g. if you know your baby needs a feed at 3am, you can schedule your Bluebell to wake you up so that you don’t spend time worrying about when you need to get up. This can all lead to better sleep for you.

Tracking for you

With one in five new mothers and one in ten partners suffering from mental health issues, it’s clear that parenthood can put you under a lot of pressure. There are many different approaches you can take to mental health recovery, and some great resources include Mind, PANDAS, and APNI.

One approach is wellness; taking time out to focus on yourself. It looks different for everybody, and you definitely shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Bluebell has a few extra features that might help you with this.

Sleep tracking 

Your Parent wristband automatically tracks your sleep. This allows you to analyse how you’re sleeping, and figure out whether certain things are disturbing it. By tracking your sleep, you can begin to come to an understanding of how it affects your mood, and if there are any foods, events, habits, etc. that may be impacting it.

Step tracking

Although it’s important to keep up gentle exercise during pregnancy, there are many things that should be avoided. This means your activity levels may decrease. One way of easing back into it is to set yourself step targets. Walking is a fantastic exercise that you can (generally) fit into your day by mixing it in with chores, taking baby out to get some fresh air, etc. So, by tracking your steps you can improve your fitness which can help you feel good about yourself.

Exercise has also been found to boost mood due to a chemical (serotonin) that it releases into the brain. This can be helpful for both parents to reduce stress and increase happiness.

Mood tracking

A simple yet effective way to look after yourself is to track your mood. By tracking how you’re feeling each day, you may start to see patterns and trends. This can help you to determine why you have a bad day or a good day. You can then look for strategies to try to improve it. Research has found that people who use mood tracking apps have reported “feeling more in control of their mood, making informed decisions with the goal to become happier, and becoming more confident and positive in their emotional wellbeing.” You can also share this information with your healthcare professional.

Reliable baby monitoring even away from Wi-Fi

Of course, Bluebell is for baby monitoring, but we also want to look after you. Think of Bluebell as an extra helping hand, here to reduce worries so you can focus on the important things and get on with enjoying parenthood.

Asking for help can be scary, but it can also be the first step to you feeling a bit better. Whether it’s a friend, family member or doctor, there are always people who are there to help. If you feel you need it, there are different forms of treatment, and your doctor will find what’s best for you. Your journey to becoming a happier, healthier you can be a tough one, but it’s important to remember that you’re not alone through all of this.

By focusing on your wellbeing, you can better look after your little one. A happier and healthier you can mean a happier and healthier baby! We wish you all the best with your wellness and parenting journey.