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How can a baby monitor help with sleep?

Here at Bluebell, we understand how crucial good sleep is for everyone, but we also understand how easy it is to put it on the back burner when you have a new baby to care for. New parents can lose up to 600 hours sleep in their baby’s first year, and this can have an impact on both mental and physical health.

The Bluebell Smart baby monitor

Sleep for wellness

Getting a healthy amount of sleep can help with memory, creativity, attention span, maintaining weight, growth and repair, boosting immunity and reducing risks of things such as depression, heart disease and stroke… a whole host of benefits for something that is often pushed to the side. You can find out more about this in our post on sleep for parents.

And we all know that anyone who uses that phrase “sleep like a baby” has never had one! Sleep is so important for your baby, and it's also one of the things parents worry about the most. So we’ve thought about baby sleep too - after all, it’s when they do so much of their development and growth.

Sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise. It’s when the body replenishes the chemicals that enable brain cells to work and communicate with the rest of your body - vital for wellness. This is why we made improving sleep one of our top priorities when designing the Bluebell Smart baby monitor. As parents ourselves, we’ve been through those sleepless nights and dream-like days. We know how it feels to start drifting off at the dinner table/in the shower/at the doctors and what an absolute luxury it is to get just a few hours of uninterrupted snoozing. We’ve been there, done that, and now we want to help.

A list of how a Bluebell Smart baby monitor can help with sleep

Creates the right environment for sleep

There are two key things to focus on when deciding on what’s best for your baby’s sleep environment: making it comfortable and keeping it safe. Bluebell helps with both of these.

Temperature monitoring

The Lullaby Trust advises that a baby’s room temperature should be kept at 16-20°C to reduce the risk of SIDS. They also advise that your baby should sleep in a cot or Moses basket in the same room as you for the first six months, so this should be the temperature of your room when your baby is sleeping in there. Bluebell offers both room and skin temperature monitoring. The Smart hub monitors the temperature of the room and will alert you if it gets too hot or too cold. The Baby monitor measures your baby’s skin temperature and will alert you if your baby gets too warm or too cold, or if they have a temperature - so you won’t have to keep checking as all alerts are real-time. This means both you and baby can relax and get a better night’s sleep (or at least a good few hours).

Gentle light

Light plays an important part when it comes to wakefulness. If a baby is exposed to bright lights, especially blue lights such as those from screens, before bed or during wakings, they can delay sleep-inducing melatonin being released and make them more alert. Bluebell’s Smart hub provides you with a soft nightlight that can be adjusted using your Mobile app to be used before bed and during feeds and changes. We’ve designed this dim light to cause as little disruption to their sleep (and yours) as possible.

Noise monitoring & lullabies

Your Smart hub can also create the right sound environment for your baby’s room. It monitors noise levels and alerts you if the room gets too noisy. It also provides you with lullabies and white noise which can help settle your baby sleep better. The white noise resembles sounds that your baby would have heard in the womb, giving them a feeling of security. Similar to the nightlight, these can easily be controlled from your Mobile app.

Helps you understand baby sleep patterns

If you’ve been searching for sleep tips, there’s a very good chance that you’ve stumbled upon the idea of creating a consistent bedtime routine. You probably hear of this a lot as it’s tried and tested, and it actually works! Keeping the little one’s routine the same each night (e.g. bath, feed, cuddle, story time, bed) and keeping it at the same time helps babies learn to associate certain things with sleep, enabling them to wind down and fall asleep easier.

Bluebell isn't just a baby monitor. Not only can it help you to establish routines, it also helps you to understand your baby’s behaviours and create the right routine for you. It automatically tracks baby’s sleep and allows you to easily record baby’s routine activities on your Parent wristband; once these are recorded, it will help you to understand patterns in your baby’s routine and to plan your day accordingly. Over time, Bluebell can learn from these recordings and guide you to improve their routine as they grow and their sleep needs change.

You can plan your baby’s routine, and Bluebell will give you reminders for each activity on your Parent wristband and Mobile app - this can ensure that things are consistent which can help to promote sleep.

This simple tracking, recording and understanding helps when you need to take a much deserved break and a friend, family member or nanny takes care of your baby. They can download the Mobile app and follow baby’s normal routine, so you don’t need to worry about it being messed up when you’re not in charge. You are also in control of how much information others can see and adjust on their apps.

Provides reassurance

Alerts only when needed

One of the biggest advantages of our Smart baby monitor is that it can give you peace of mind. You’ll be alerted if your baby is too hot or too cold, if they’re crying, if there are important changes in their breathing or if they turn on their tummy. These are all things that can add to your anxieties and keep you from sleeping yourself. Knowing that you’ll receive real-time alerts on these urgent issues can help you to relax and rest better, which is vital when you’re caring for a new baby. You can also set reminders for night-time feeds - this can help you to sleep better as you’ll be alerted when it’s time for feeding, rather than worrying about when you should be getting up.

Unlike a traditional audio/video monitor, Bluebell only alerts you when it’s necessary. There’s no need to keep sound on or to keep checking a video as Bluebell will let you know of things you need to be aware of – letting you get on with your day and get some more peaceful sleep.

Gives you control

If you’re worried about receiving too many alerts and being woken up, you can adjust your alerts and choose which ones you want, and how you’ll get them. Use the settings on your Mobile app to decide whether you receive specific alerts, or switch the modes on your Parent wristband (e.g. to night or flight mode) to reduce or stop alerts for a period of time.

New parents sleeping in bed

Knows that your sleep is important too

As well as tracking baby sleep and activity, Bluebell tracks yours too. The Parent wristband can be worn at all times, meaning that it can see how many steps you’re doing in a day – so if you’re struggling with weight or just looking to stay active, you can make sure you’re reaching your targets. It also tracks your sleep so you can figure out what may be disrupting it, which may mean you need to make changes to your sleep environment, the time you go to bed etc. You can also use the Mobile app to track your mood - it’s understandable that baby comes first, but your wellbeing is also a priority, and a happier parent can mean a happier baby.

Bluebell shouldn’t take the place of parental presence, but help alongside it to make things a bit simpler. We all need a helping hand sometimes, and Bluebell offers you a different style of baby monitoring: an all-in-one solution, free from wires and bulky monitors with real-time alerts that work both inside and outside the home. It has been designed by parents who have all struggled with sleep and understand what it’s like to just need ‘five more minutes’.

Let us know if you have any further questions about how Bluebell can help you with sleep, or with any other aspects of Bluebell.