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How can a baby monitor help look after parents?

The creators of Bluebell totally understand what it’s like being a parent, because they’re parents themselves! They’ve lived through those early days of worrying that they’re not doing everything right, those sleepless nights, and those moments where it feels like there isn’t a second to breathe between nappy changes, feeds and trying to deal with general life on top of that.

Family smiling and using their Bluebell Smart baby monitor

Of course they wouldn’t change it for the world. Having a baby is one of the most wondrous things you’ll ever experience, but it can get a bit stressful. This stress can have an impact on mental and physical health so, even though what they’ve created is primarily a baby monitor, it also has some nifty features to help the wellbeing of the ones who often get forgotten about when baby arrives: parents. So, how does it help you?

  1. Makes shopping less stressful

Basically, it’s lots of products in one. We know what a pain it can be getting all those baby products ticked off your list, spending hours comparing online or running around baby events trying to find the best deals. This monitor takes away some of that stress by giving you a:

  • Baby monitor (that monitors more than your average audio/visual ones)
  • Night light
  • Room temperature monitor
  • Lullaby and white noise player
  • Fitness tracker for you
  • Routine planning and tracking app

And by our calculations, all of these things combined will take you to around the £350+ mark, meaning you’re saving both time and money – win win!

The Bluebell Smart baby monitor

  1. Less worrying

Now, take away all the razzle dazzle and the Bluebell Smart baby monitor is, well, a baby monitor. This is the main reason you’ll be buying this glorious gadget so the monitoring part is an extremely important feature.

Similar to audio monitors, you can listen in and talk to baby, but unlike traditional monitors, you can also monitor baby’s breathing, temperature, if they start crying and if they’ve woken up and if they roll on their tummy, and you get real-time alerts on these. This means you can get on with other things (sleep, work, relaxing, etc.) without needing to constantly check on them (or check a video monitor) every two seconds. Which takes us on to number three…

  1. Better sleep

If you’re not getting up constantly in the night, or lying awake worrying about them, you’re probably going to catch a few extra Zs. The monitor uses active monitoring, so your Parent wristband and Mobile app will notify you if there’s something up with baby, meaning you can spend more time in dreamland. 

You might also be able to fall back to sleep easier if you don’t get out of bed, and you don’t always have to with another clever Bluebell feature. The night light, lullabies and white noise that come from the Smart hub (which goes next to baby’s crib) can all be controlled by the Mobile app. This means if baby stirs, all you have to do is reach for your phone on your bedside table, pick a lullaby and it should help them drift back to sleep if they don’t need any extra attention. And then you can drift back to sleep too!

Also, the Parent wristband automatically tracks your sleep. This means you can see if you’re getting enough and use the analytics to figure out what might be disturbing it and ways to improve it.

Controlling the night light on the Bluebell baby monitor

  1. Step and activity tracking

The connection between activity tracking and baby monitoring might not be clear to start with, but as we’ve said, this monitor is for you too. Although it’s important to keep up gentle exercise throughout pregnancy, there are many things that should be avoided, so getting back into it all can be tough. Walking is a great exercise that can be beneficial for everyone (even Dad) so either of you can make sure you’re reaching your step targets and staying on track by wearing the Parent wristband.

Exercise can also keep you happy. It reduces stress, gives you energy, helps regulate sleep and releases endorphins (the happy hormone) into the brain. That extra helping of positivity can be exactly what a fatigued new parent needs, which leads neatly into number five…

  1. Mood tracking

Simple yet effective. With one in five new mums and one in ten new dads suffering from mental health problems, it’s clear that this is a time when parents need support and to focus on their own wellbeing, but this is extremely difficult when there’s a new baby to look after. It’s understandable that your needs might get pushed to the side-lines, but mum and dad matter too! And you need to be your best self to be able to look after your bundle of joy.

Mood tracking: it may seem like a basic activity, but Bluebell lets you record your mood each day and prompts you to do it. Just that small prompt can help trigger the reminder that your wellness matters. Plus, by recording your mood daily, you can look back overtime and possibly pinpoint certain events that are causing negative feelings and avoid these triggers in the future, or even give the information to your doctor.

Mood tracking on the Bluebell Smart baby monitor app

  1. Always up to date

Leaving your little one alone with someone else (even if it’s your own parent) can be heart-breaking, especially the first time. If you’ve got to take a trip, go back to work or even just pop out to the shops, Bluebell can keep you that little bit more connected.

Multiple people can download the Bluebell Mobile app (that’s mum, dad, brother, friend, babysitter and so on) and be added to your family account. When baby’s left with them, they can continue to follow their routine and track things like feeds and nappy changes on their app. This will then update on your app, so you can see how baby’s getting on with their day, wherever you are.

A baby monitor for starters, but it really is so much more. And it’s the only baby monitor that looks after parents too. We know how important you are and we know how tough those first few years can be. Of course, the Smart baby monitor doesn’t replace parenting – it’s just an extra helping hand when you need it most.

Get in touch if you’ve got any questions about it. And if you’ve already got one, we’d love to hear how it helps you and your family!