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5 inspiring ways to decorate a gender-neutral nursery

Nick Acaster is the Managing Director of Rugs Direct, so he knows a lot about creating stylish yet comfortable spaces. Here, he gives his five best gender-neutral nursery themes to consider for your baby's bedroom.

Welcoming a new addition to the family can take a lot of preparation and making sure they have a beautiful and soothing place to sleep is probably at the top of your list. But, knowing just how to decorate can be a challenge, especially if you're keeping the baby's gender a surprise or you want to keep your décor more flexible. That's why a gender-neutral bedroom might be a great option. In fact, gender-neutral nurseries are set to be one of the biggest interior trends for this year, according to the Pinterest Trends Report 2020.

Gender neutral nursery with woodland theme for baby

Below, I'll be giving you my top gender-neutral nursery themes, as well as tips for creating them, to inspire you to get imaginative with your baby's new room.

  1. Whimsical woodland

Animals are always a popular choice with children's rooms, which is what makes a woodland theme perfect for a gender-neutral nursery. For a traditional woodland theme, choose green and brown tones. But, for a more modern look, you can easily mix things up a bit by choosing a monochrome or rainbow colour scheme instead.

Try to choose furniture made from natural materials like wood, which will be hardy, stylish and will really bring home your theme. Then, add a dash of comfort with a textured or sheepskin rug and a few cuddly animals to make the room feel cosy and welcoming — and give your little one a few friends to play with when they get a bit older!

  1. Sweet safari

Similar to a woodland theme, a lush jungle theme is ideal for your baby's nursery. Think emerald greens, rich browns and stylish leaf prints to nail this look. Or, go for a more muted colour palette with khaki greens and beige. Then, you can add colour and texture using bedding and rugs in a zebra, leopard or tiger print. Or, look for themed rugs with colourful safari animals on them to add a cute and whimsical touch to the room.

To get the full safari effect, you can even add a few houseplants. Not only do these add to the aesthetic, but they're also great for purifying the air, which can make for a better environment for your little one to snooze in. So, look for low maintenance, non-toxic plants with soft or rounded leaves, like snake plants, jade plants, ferns or rubber tree plants.

  1. Marvellous monochrome

Gender neutral nursery with soft, neutral tones

When decorating a baby's nursery, it's easy to focus on the simple blue or pink, but for a gender-neutral look, why not remove the colour all together and choose a monochrome palette instead. For a softer, more baby-friendly look, just stick to muted tones like pale greys, white and cream. In fact, a clean, minimalistic style could help create a more relaxing space, meaning your little one might get a more peaceful night's sleep as a result.

You can easily add some interest through patterned fabrics, like bedding, blankets or even stylish wall decals. And, if you're worried about it feeling bare, a nice soft wool or shaggy rug will keep your little one's feet cosy as they take their first steps.

  1. Stylish Scandi

The Scandi trend has been around for a few years now, but it's not showing any signs of leaving us just yet. This look is all about simplicity, with white or bare wooden furniture, which is what makes it so fitting for a gender-neutral bedroom.

To add a bit of interest to the room, focus on geometric prints, like a geometric feature wall and a matching rug. Or, keep things simple and stick to all-white walls, adding a dash of colour with bedding and curtains. To keep things from looking too cold and bare, add a shaggy, sheepskin rug to complete the look.

  1. Soothing space

Baby sleeping with the night light from a Bluebell Smart baby monitor

Why not unleash your baby's inner adventurer with a space theme? Just look for relaxing blue hues like navy and pale blue to create a look that's similar to the night sky. You could even stick glow-in-the-dark decals or use a projector to create the illusion of a starry sky on your baby's bedroom wall. Or, use Bluebell's smart baby monitor to get soothing lullabies and a night light. Not only will this add to the look but can also be incredibly soothing for your little one, helping them to get to sleep quicker, which means a more restful night for you, too!

Finding the right theme for your baby's nursery is no easy feat. But, by following the tips in this guide, you'll have a stylish room ready for the little one's arrival, no matter their gender.