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Dad-to-be gift ideas for Christmas 2019

Christmas is fast approaching, but you’ve still got time to grab something great for that dashing dad-to-be in your life. If you’re stuck for gift ideas, we’ve got a few!

Dad and baby using their Bluebell Smart baby monitor

Daddy focused

Of course, with a little one on the way, dad’s going to be mega excited about it all. There are some fantastic (and funny) gifts out there to get him even more excited for baby’s arrival.

He’ll be drinking his tea with pride with this ‘man behind the bump’ mug that won’t break the bank. This personalised new dad survival kit can have a cute message added to it, and you can fill it with things you think he might need when it all gets a bit much (we’re thinking baby wipes and beers!). Or you could go for this (rather funny) pre-packed one

Something practical

With today’s dads spending three times as much time looking after their kids compared to previous generations, making sure dad’s all kitted out is probably on your to-do list. A sleek and stylish changing bag could be the perfect daddy-to-be gift. A carrier is also a great idea if dad’s going to be out and about with baby (although you might need to take him along to find one that’s comfy – see our post on baby carriers for more).

You’ll both probably find yourself doing a lot more things one handed, so a super sturdy phone case might come in handy here (will protect against being dropped and baby spillages).

And what about an extra helping hand to help him ease into parenthood? The Bluebell Smart baby monitor is so much more than just a baby monitor – it has loads of cool features and is perfect for a techy dad!

Pregnant couple in the snow

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

The calm before the storm

In between all that baby prep, it’s nice to have a little bit of grown up time before the little one arrives. You could try a couple’s spa day, a weekend away or just a romantic night out on the town.

For something a bit different, you could look into experience days like indoor skydiving, helicopter tours, supercar driving days etc. (there’s loads out there – just depends on what he’s into). Have fun!

Bring out the big kid in him

Entering the world of fatherhood is, of course, absolutely incredible, but it can be a little bit daunting. The realisation that you’re definitely, 100% a grown up can be scary, so why not treat him to something to take him back a bit? An XBox or a PlayStation are the go-to for some serious gaming, you could give him a blast from the past with something retro or even take him into the future with his very own VR headset – so cool! 

Keep him stocked up

Once the baby arrives, you might have a little less time to focus on yourselves (although self-care is so important for parents so try to keep that up when you can). A great idea for Christmas is to get dad a gift that keeps on giving, aka a subscription box! Whether it’s keeping things he needs topped up, or having a little treat to look forward to each month, they’re great for showing him how much he means all year round. Our faves include:

Something to treasure forever

We all know how super soppy dads can be when it comes to their kids. This Christmas is a special one, so getting them a little memento might just be the perfect idea. Something to hang on the tree each year could give him a little pang of nostalgia every time the holidays roll round, and once baby’s old enough, they can help hang it! Alternatively, a personalised ultrasound keyring can give him that pang of nostalgia every day of the year. And you might just bring a tear to his eye with this personalised scan photo frame – so adorable!

Dad and family opening Christmas gifts

Photo by Andi Graf on Pixabay

However you're spending the holidays this year, we hope you have a fantastic time, and get some rest in before that 2020 bundle of joy arrives!