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10 breastfeeding tips from Bluebell parents

Mum breastfeeding baby in park

Image by Dave Clubb on Unsplash

Breastfeeding is a natural, beautiful, and joyful experience, but it’s not always easy and can be very hard for some. You should probably be prepared for sore nipples, clogged ducts and some fussiness and frustration. But you can also be prepared for some unreal mother-baby bonding, making those clogged ducts totally worth it!

We understand that not all mums are able to breastfeed. If you’re simply having a bit of trouble, we’ve collected a few breastfeeding tips from parents who have been through the same (totally normal) struggles.

  1. Perseverance is key. It gets easier and is so enjoyable. Give yourself time to get the hang of it.” – Charlotte
  2. “Don't be afraid to ask for as much help and advice as you need. My healthcare visitor was lovely and visited my house three times in the week after I'd given birth to make sure our breastfeeding journey was going well and that my daughter had perfected her latch.” – Lauren
  3. “As I couldn’t do the breastfeeding myself (for obvious reasons), I always made sure my wife was comfy with enough cushions. I also did as much as I could around the house (cooking, cleaning, etc.) as she spent a lot of time feeding.” – Jack
  4. Persistence, sports bras, lots of cream.” – Amy
  5. “Look for signs: chewing on fingers, crying, thumb sucking etc. Make sure the latch is good otherwise you will be sore and the baby won't be satisfied after the feed.” – Jalpa

New mum breastfeeding baby

Photo by Dalila Dalprat on Pexels

  1. “I found that my milk ducts kept getting clogged. Using a warm compress and taking hot showers before feeds helped with this.” - Sharon
  2. “Positioning is everything - and perseverance is key. If it hurts, then the latching isn’t right. You know you’re doing it correctly when it becomes painless. Nipple shields were my saviour when I was recovering from mastitis and cracked nipples (both a result of incorrect latching).” – Francesca
  3. “In the beginning, the baby cluster feeds (feeds little and often). This is because they need more feeds and it helps to build up the milk supply, so don't give up! Just keep feeding the baby as and when they want it.” – Jenny
  4. Massage nursing oils into your nipples if they’re cracked to help them heal (check which ones are safe to use). It will get better, just hang in there.” – Sophie
  5. “As a working mum, I pumped a lot of my milk. Don’t feel guilty about this. Your baby is still getting their important milk supply and you get a bit more time to work on providing for them. An electric double pump helped me save time with my second baby.” – Saskia

Remember: every birth, baby and mother is unique. And that's the same with breastfeeding. What works for others might not work for you. Trust us, we’ve been there. We’ve lived through those strung-out nights filled with seemingly endless feeds, drooping eyes and never knowing if what you’re doing is right. They’re all part of learning how to become the best parent you can be. Just take your time and find what works for you. And definitely don’t be afraid to ask for help!

So, how can a baby monitor help?

Family using their Bluebell Smart baby monitor

Our baby monitor, the Bluebell Smart baby monitor, allows you to easily log feeds, including what side baby has fed from and how long they've fed for. This can be helpful with tracking how much they're having, and if they're having enough. It can also help you to remember when you've fed/pumped and keep it even between breast side. This is a new type of baby monitoring that helps you too! And you can get yours right now from our website.

Let us know if you’ve got any more great breastfeeding tips!