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7 self care ideas for mums-to-be

Self-care is so important for everyone, but at a time when your body is changing and there’s something both incredible but incredibly stress inducing happening at the end of those nine months, it’s pretty crucial that you take a breather and spend some much needed time on yourself. 

It’s been found that stress during pregnancy may have negative effects on baby, so don’t feel guilty about taking time out to relax your body and calm your mind. Here are some great ideas for self-care before your baby arrives!

Pregnant lady in kitchen making food

Image by Karolina / Kaboompics on Rawpixel

  1. Switch off

You’re going to have lots to prepare before your little one enters the world. You may be spending a lot of time reading and researching, trying to swim through the masses of parenting information there is out there. Your phone might also start buzzing every five seconds with calls and messages from well-wishers, with invites to coffee dates, questions on baby names or just general chit chat. Remember that it’s OK to switch off for some time.

Literally switching your phone off for a few hours can do wonders for your mind. Use that little bit of peace and quiet to relax and re-focus. You could also try scheduling in some switch-off time – maybe a few hours each evening, where you let friends and family know that you won’t be available as you just need to focus on you.

  1. Eat well

Nine months without sauvignon and sushi may be tough for some, so try focusing on the wonderful foods you can enjoy. Plan your diet around high density, nutritious foods (yoghurt, avocados, sweet potatoes, eggs, salmon, leafy greens, whole grain bread, etc.). If you find cooking relaxing, this is definitely one for you. And if you’re not used to spending lots of time in the kitchen, why not give it a go? You might find a new hobby.

Some of scrummy pregnancy recipes include this chicken, veggie & quinoa soup, this one-pot pesto pasta with smoked salmon and these super easy stuffed sweet potatoes

You might find that your tastes change throughout pregnancy – you may get cravings for the strangest food combos, and meals you once loved might make you feel queasy. It’s all about experimenting and finding foods that you love that can give nutrients and energy to both you and baby.

Close up of pregnant lady making food in kitchen

Image by Karolina / Kaboompics on Rawpixel

  1. Treat yourself to some pregnancy toiletries

Your body goes through so much during those nine months. Mums-to-be seriously are super women (you almost reach the limit of human endurance!) and you definitely deserve some pampering. My Expert Midwife have some fantastic multi-award winning products, such as their Relieve the Heave spray (helps with morning sickness) and their Fantastic Skin Elastic massage serum (which helps with dry skin and stretch marks). There are also some lovely bits from Burt’s Bees, Mama mio and Neal’s Yard. (And you could use some of these for a massage from your partner – score!).

  1. Find gentle exercise you actually enjoy

For many, the idea of the gym is a feat often left in the world of ‘tomorrow’. Gentle exercise is super important during pregnancy (for mind, body and baby) and putting it off because you don’t like it can lead to feelings of guilt and lethargy that can make you feel even more crummy.

There are some exercises that should be avoided during pregnancy, particularly ones where you can fall or get hit (football, horse-riding, skiing, etc.). Not all exercise requires dragging yourself down the gym – working out can be fun, relaxing and can even lead to you making some new mummy friends! You could try:

  • Swimming
  • Pre-natal yoga and pilates
  • Walking
  • Running (if you’re used to it)
  • Low impact aerobics (make sure to tell your instructor you’re pregnant)
  • Cycling (if you’re used to it), or try using a stationary bike
  • Low-impact dancing

See our post on exercising while pregnant for more on this.

  1. Enjoy some guilt-free ‘me’ time

Pregnant lady with book and laptop

Image by Karolina / Kaboompics on Rawpixel

It’s been found that around a third of us spend less than 3% of our day doing things we enjoy – shocking, right? Once there’s a little one to look after, you may have less times to do the things you love (just until they’re a little bit older). But you can use the pregnancy period to enjoy some of these things, reduce stress and feel a little bit more positive. Some ideas include:

  • Go for a mum-to-be spa day
  • Get a manicure and/or pedicure
  • Get a new hair cut
  • Read (not about babies)
  • Go for a walk in the park, down the beach, through a field (but stay on paths and stay safe!)
  • Go to a museum, to the theatre or see a film
  • Indulge in a hobby – exercise (see above), blogging, gardening, journaling, etc.
  • Or learn a new hobby
  • Meditate or try breathing exercises
  • Light some candles, put on some music and take a long, warm bath

There are so many ideas for this. Try making a list and doing one a day (or one a week depending on your schedule).

  1. Or some romantic ‘us’ time

Once baby arrives, it might become a bit more difficult to get some real time alone with your partner. Try a romantic date night (or a few), or book a little getaway. Most airlines will let you fly up to 36 weeks, but you may need a doctor’s note when flying after 28 weeks and you should always check with your healthcare professional before you book. Check out our post on flying while pregnant for some tips on staying safe and comfy while you fly.

‘Us’ time can also be a get-together with the girls, or a cute afternoon tea with family. Spending time with loved ones can boost happiness and even alleviate symptoms of depression!

Mum-to-be and dad-to-be sitting on sofa

Image by Roungroat on Rawpixel

  1. Go on a little (or big) shopping spree

Of course, you’re going to need something comfortable to wear as your bump grows. Why not treat yourself to a day out, and maybe drag a friend or your partner along to help out? Grab some trousers with elasticated waistbands, a few maternity bras, some comfy but classy tops and dresses from maternity sections and, most important of all, some cozy PJs and lounge wear for those R&R days.

Obviously, you can do all of this from the comfort of your sofa and order online – whichever you prefer! Places like Asos and Boohoo have plenty of choice that won’t break to bank, or for something a little bit more chic, try Tiffany RoseSeraphine, or Isabella Oliver (who also have a great pre-loved section).

Getting clothes that you feel comfortable and look good in can really help with your self-esteem in your ever-changing body. Try to make this shopping spree all about you (you can think about pushchairs, blankets and baby monitors another day). Other things you can get for your wellbeing might be a pregnancy pillow, a pelvic floor trainer, and maybe a stack of (non-baby related) books and magazines for your chill-out time!

  1. Prioritise sleep

You’ve probably heard this a million times, but sleep is so, so important. With the added stress and pressures on your body that come with pregnancy, it’s been found that around 78% of pregnant women suffer from sleep problems at some point.

Good sleep during pregnancy can help reduce risks of depression, labour complications, high blood pressure, preterm births and gestational diabetes – don’t panic though, the risks are low, but sleep can have an effect on these.

You can try to improve your sleep by focusing on what and when you eat and drink, creating a sleep sanctuary, tracking your sleep, getting plenty of exercise, etc. See our post on sleep during pregnancy for more on this, and definitely don’t feel bad for taking a mid-afternoon snooze – if that’s when your body wants to sleep then let it!

Happy pregnant lady sitting on floor

Image by Matt Brock on Reshot

These are just some general examples of self-care during pregnancy. Of course, depending on your interests, schedule and situation, you may have many different things that help you to relax.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines self-care as ‘the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.’ It doesn’t need to be a particular form of meditation or facial or yoga class – just whatever makes you happy. You do you!