6 great pregnancy gadgets

This one’s for you mum-to-be (or someone looking to treat an amazing mum-to-be)! Yes, pregnancy can be an incredible experience, but nine months of growing a human inside of you can begin to take its toll, especially in the third trimester. Of course, every pregnancy is different. Symptoms can range from mild to monstrous, so some of you may need a little bit more help than others. We’ve put together a list of great pregnancy gadgets that might be able to assist you on your pregnancy journey.

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  1. Quardiobase 2

With all of those unusual cravings and feelings of lethargy, it’s super easy to put on extra weight during pregnancy. Of course, you should put on some weight, but too much can have some risks for both you and baby. The Quardiobase 2 can help you stay on top of your weight throughout and after pregnancy. By switching it to pregnancy mode, you can safely track your weight development, adding photos alongside this (think bump pics and baby scans). You can then use its full body composition analysis to help after pregnancy, or to help the rest of the family with their fitness goals.

  1. The Elvie trainer

You’ve probably heard how important it is to do your pelvic floor exercises. During pregnancy, the muscles in that area weaken, and need strengthening to deal with the weight of the baby and the pressures of childbirth. The Elvie Trainer can be used both during and after pregnancy to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. This means better bladder control (yay!) and faster recovery after birth.

The trainer helps you make sure you stay on track and do your exercises properly by connecting to an app. The app takes you through short exercises, tracks your progress and makes sure you’re using the right techniques. So cool!

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  1. Reliefband

A smart twist on a travel sickness band, the Reliefband is said to be able to help with morning sickness. Similar to a travel sickness band, it uses pressure on the wrist. The smart technology releases gentle pulses through your wrist and up to your brain. Signals then travel down to your stomach to restore your normal gastric rhythm and relieve nausea. The pulses are designed so that your body doesn’t get too used to them, and it keeps on working.

This could be super helpful for a mum-to-be suffering from morning (aka all day long) sickness. But, of course, you could always opt for something like Sea-Bands that are a bit cheaper.

  1. Belly Buds

Ever wonder if your child’s going to be just like you? Will they have your eyes? What about the same great taste in music? Well, you can actually help inspire their music taste before they’re even born (possibly). We know that babies can hear in the womb, and it’s been argued that they can even hear music. And this is where BellyBuds come in. They allow you to play music or even recordings of your voice through your bump.

Noise travels really well through to the baby and it’s easy to turn normal headphones up to loud, but Bellybuds keeps it at a safe level. And you can share this all with baby using the earphone splitter – bonding already! So what will you go for? Soothing lullabies? Lively jazz? Or perhaps some classic Queen? Such a nifty little pregnancy gadget to connect you to your little one.

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  1. An electric toothbrush

If you find you have bleeding gums during pregnancy, you’re not alone. Around half of pregnant women get them, and it’s totally normal - it’s because of hormonal changes that can make your gums inflamed. There are a few things you can do to reduce it, such as avoiding sugar, flossing and investing in a good toothbrush that will get rid of all the plaque.

The Oral-B Genius 9000 gets to the plaque that’s often left behind, and is said to have up to 100% more plaque removal. It has automatic speed reduction to make sure you’re not brushing too hard and allows you to use a sensitive brush head.

Also, don’t forget to head to the dentist (you get free dental treatment while pregnant – super helpful!).

  1. A Bluebell Smart monitoring system

You may be asking how a baby monitor can help during pregnancy? Well, Bluebell isn’t just a baby monitor. It was designed to help parents too! By getting your system while you’re pregnant, it means you’ve got it all ready for when baby arrives. You can also use the Parent wristband to look after yourself in the lead up to that special day, and you don’t need to buy loads of different products.

The Parent wristband tracks your sleep, steps and activity, which can be very useful for a mum-to-be. It’s important to do gentle exercise throughout pregnancy (unless advised otherwise by your doctor) as it has loads of benefits for both you and baby. You may also suffer from sleep problems (a whopping 78% of pregnant women do), so sleep tracking can be helpful with pinpointing what’s disturbing your sleep and seeing how much you’re actually getting. So, Bluebell offers help through pregnancy, birth and beyond. What more could you ask for? And we may be a bit biased, but it's our favourite pregnancy gadget!

Mum using parent wristband from her Bluebell baby monitor while exercising

Technology is everywhere, and although some things aren’t always totally necessary to have, if things can make your life a little bit easier then why not? We’d love to hear if you’ve got any gadgets that helped you through your nine months!