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15 amazing Father's Day gifts for a new dad

Dad lifting daughter into the air

Photo by Jovenilton on Pixabay

Let’s hear it for all the dads out there! Father’s Day is coming up and it’s the perfect time to say thanks to them. We know that many dads are difficult to buy for and they may say they don’t want a fuss. But just like Mum, they may be sleep deprived, nervous, overjoyed but overwhelmed. So, we think they still deserve a little treat. We’ve put together a list of some gift ideas for that super hero in your life.


The outdoorsy type

Dad and son outside

Photo by levina.juli on Reshot

Let’s face it, you’re not going to have much free time with a new little human to look after. And it can all get a bit stressful. Self-care is super important for Dad as well as Mum, so letting him know that he can still venture into the great outdoors (when there’s a little bit of time) may help him to feel less overwhelmed. And of course, you can all indulge in some quality time together outdoors.

A personalised adventure set

Something both practical and meaningful, this little outdoor adventure set is the perfect gift for a venturesome dad. Although it may just be a bit of a novelty (they probably already have Google Maps and a torch on their phone), the multi tool penknife could definitely be useful. Really, for this gift, it’s more about the thought behind it. Engraved with something sweet from your little one, it’s the suggestion that Dad can still keep up his hobbies, even with a new baby on board.

A lazy bag

When you get outdoors (even if it’s just the back garden), this is perfect for somewhere to sit for the Dad (or maybe Mum if she gets there first!). This gift would definitely come in handy after a long trek. The Lazy Bag from Airs and Graces is a blow up sofa that removes the need for any huffing and puffing. You basically scoop air into it, meaning it only takes seconds to blow up. So it’s great for a quick rest at the top of the hill (or a quick coffee in the garden).

A sign for the shed

If he’s not so ‘great outdoors’ and more ‘just outside the back door’, the garden may be where his heart is. This personalised sign from Delightful Living can let him know that he still has his own space (or the illusion of his own space as baby’s things begin to encroach). If he does have a shed or a workshop, make sure everything is locked away from baby as they learn to crawl and walk!


The tech minded

Dad using his Bluebell Smart baby monitor - a great Father's day gift idea

A smart mug

It might sound like an oxymoron, but this temperature control mug from Ember is actually pretty nifty. It’s a bit pricier than a classic ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug, but can a normal mug keep your drink warm all day with the temperature being controlled from your smart phone?! Didn’t think so. This could be a great Father's Day gift for a busy dad who’s fed up with forgetting his tea when baby needs him (we’ve all been there).

A phone camera grip

When you have a little one, you’ll want to capture all of their memories. You’ll probably turn into a budding photographer, but keeping hold of your phone while keeping hold of your baby can sometimes be a challenge. (Phones generally end up down toilets, in puddles, covered in baby food or sometimes even baby poo)! This iPhone camera grip from Pictar at MenKind slips onto Dad’s phone and makes it easier to hold when he’s trying to record those memories in difficult situations. It also comes with an app that has loads of cool camera features – winner!

A Bluebell Smart monitoring system

Of course, any dad would be lucky to get his hands on a system that can help him look after baby while looking after himself. The all-in-one Bluebell Smart monitoring system will give Dad alerts on his Parent wristband and Mobile app on baby’s breathing, temperature, crying and more. And it's not just a baby monitor; it can help him plan baby’s routine, get baby to sleep with lullabies and a soft nightlight, and keep a log of their milestones and memories. Beyond baby monitoring, t can also look after his wellbeing by tracking his sleep, steps and mood (or yours, of course). It’s an extra helping hand as he navigates the realms of fatherhood.


The big kid

Dad holding baby son up and laughing

Photo by Christie Hermogenes on Reshot

A motion controlled drone

Just because you now have a kid, doesn’t mean you can’t still be a kid at heart. You could use Father's Day to take him back to his younger years. This motion control drone from RED5 at John Lewis lets you fly it using only hand motions! We’re sure you’ll want to have a go too as soon as you see it in action (don’t worry, it comes with spare blades).

Toilet mini golf

When there’s a new baby in the house and so much to learn and do, there may only be one place where parents can get some alone time: the loo. So why not make it as therapeutic as possible for Dad with this Potty Putter Toilet Golf from CoolStuff? When he takes a few minutes out to do that thing we all do, he can feel (almost) like he’s out on the range on a Sunday afternoon. Plus, it won’t break the bank!

Disclaimer: once baby can crawl/walk, they’ll probably follow you into the loo too!

A SEGA Smartphone attachment

Now that he’s got a million more things to do, a gamer dad might not have the time to sit down for epic, lengthy multiplayer sessions. So why not give him a little bit of what he loves that he can do in between chores or on the go? The SEGA Smartphone Controller attaches to your phone or tablet (Android only, sorry!). You can then download and play some of your favourite old school games. Super nostalgic!


Mr Sentimental

Dad playing with baby on a sofa

Photo by Authentic Images

A coat of arms

If he’s been keeping up with the Game of Thrones hype, having your house name up on the wall of your castle may be enough to make him feel like a king. This Coat of arms and surname history print from House of Names will take his surname and country of origin (if known) and create a beautiful piece, printed on parchment scroll, just like the good old days! It will contain the earliest coat of arms related to the surname, the history of the name, and notable people he may be related to. It can then be passed down to your little one. How exciting!

Matching outfits

If you’re looking for something ridiculously cute, then look no further. This pizza slice t-shirt set from SuperPraise on Etsy will have everyone saying ‘Aww’, and then feeling a bit hungry. But be careful: he might just want to wear it every day (we would)!

A personalised book

You’ve probably heard how important it is to talk and read to your little one, even when they can’t understand you. This personalised Daddy and Me story book from Letterfest is the perfect combination of sentimental and educational for the cutest Father's Day gift. It’s an illustrated book personalised with things that Dad loves throughout the story. It’s also has a personalised front cover and message inside. Such an adorable keepsake that’s sure to be brought out at story time for years.


The foodie father

Dad and baby in a pumpkin field

Photo by Derek Owens on Unsplash

Spreadable beer

When there are nappies to be changed and muslins to be (almost continuously) washed, there may not be time for ham hock terrine at Dad’s favourite gastropub. Instead, you’ll often have whatever’s quickest and easiest. And one of your household’s most popular dishes may be toast. But who says toast has to be boring? Let Dad jazz it up with some Beer Belly Jelly from Firebox. So, even if he can’t make it down the pub, he can close his eyes and pretend while getting a scrumptious meal!

A king’s apron

Has Dad got a great dish that he whips up every time you’ve got company? Something that he’s super proud of (and even though it might not taste great, you still tell him how wonderful it is)? This ‘King of’ Personalised Apron from Precious Little Plum will let you know just how much you appreciate his cooking skills. Or it may be useful to encourage him to cook more! You can personalise it with whatever he’s king of. E.g. King of macaroni cheese, King of pad Thai, King of beer on toast, etc. etc.

Say cheese!

If you’ve found your way through the jungle of subscription boxes, you may have come across some rather smelly ones: cheese subscriptions. If Dad’s a lover of all things feta, this gift subscription from The Cheese Geek is perfect for a monthly pick me up. They even offer a vegan option – score! And you can choose between 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, so you can keep showing him how much you love him all year – we know it’s kinda cheesy, but where would you brie without him?!

We’ve selected just a handful of some of the more original Father's Day gifts out there, and if you’re struggling to find something, we hope we’ve helped! Dads are pretty cool, and when a new dad has so much going on, it’s nice to have a dedicated day. Let us know how you’ll be spending Father’s Day this year!