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You are not alone, here are some articles with helpful tips

Having a new baby will definitely keep you on your toes. With a whole new little human to look after, you’ll probably have a lot less free time. Of course, baby will come first but it’s important to look after y...

You’re so close! And what a ride it’s been. This last leg of pregnancy can bring a whirlwind of emotions with it, and there’s only so much you can prepare for, but why not be as prepared as possible with our guide? If you’r...

With the unfortunate events that are happening around the world leaving most of us stuck indoors, it’s so easy to fall out of routine. Having your little ones around can be wonderful but also pretty stressful. When you can’...

So, you’re now well on your way to meeting your little one! You might be glad to know that the second trimester is also known as the ‘golden trimester’. This is because, for many, things such as nausea and anxiety can...

We know times are a little scary right now, and you probably can’t open Instagram or Twitter without the word 'corona' staring you in the face. Of course, it’s important to stay informed but the influx of info (good, ...

So you’ve found out you’ve got a baby on the way – how exciting! You must be over the moon but, of course, you probably also have a million questions. In this series of posts we’re going to break it down for you, taking you...

"Get baby into a consistent bedtime routine." If you’re a new parent, you’ve probably heard this phrase a million times. But you might be asking why it’s so important, what benefits it has and just how exactly you can make ...

Screens are well and truly part of our lives. They’re a great way for us to communicate, learn and be entertained, and the bright lights and dazzling colours are irresistible to babies. Smartphone and tablet use by ba...

Having a baby can bring so much magic into your world, but it’s important to remember that there might be a few bumps in the road. It’s a sad thing to think about, but babies and children can suffer from mental health issue...

We’re sure you’re working through a whole list of wonderful things to buy and prepare for your little one, and somewhere near the top is probably a cot.


If you notice your little one looking flushed, maybe with sore looking gums and extra dribbling, don’t fret – they’re probably just teething. Some babies actually go through this without experiencing any teething pain,...

You’ve probably heard about (or experienced) some of the different changes your pregnant body can go through. There are the more well-known ones (like your bump growing, of course), but there are also many different things that c...

Sleep. It’s something we all do, need and probably want more of! It’s super important at any age, and it’s crucial for babies and their development. Around 20% of babies have sleep problems in their first year. And when we asked parents what their biggest parenting worry is, the top answer was baby’s sleep.
What a year it’s been. We’ve seen the first all-woman spacewalk, an actual image of a black hole, and even kidneys delivered by drone! As our scientific knowledge evolves, so does our parenting knowledge.

The creators of Bluebell totally understand what it’s like being a parent, because they’re parents themselves! They’ve lived through those early days of worrying that they’re not doing everything right, those sleeples...

Christmas is fast approaching, but you’ve still got time to grab something great for that dashing dad-to-be in your life. If you’re stuck for gift ideas, we’ve got a few!

It might not be possible to give her what she REALLY wants for Christmas – like a magical tea that stops morning sickness, or a new pair of un-swollen feet – but you can give her something to make her feel special or help h...

Self-care is so important for everyone, but at a time when your body is changing and there’s something both incredible but incredibly stress inducing happening at the end of those nine months, it’s pretty crucial that you take a breather and spend some much needed time on yourself. 
Growing a little human being can be one of the most incredible life experiences! Creating a family is of course beautiful, magical and life changing, but it definitely doesn’t come without challenges. Some of these challenges include health issues of mums-to-be.
Life is a roller coaster and stress is generally something that can’t be avoided, especially as a fantastic but fatigued new parent! Having a baby will be one of the wildest rides you’ll ever go on, and you’ll have a lot of things to juggle, remember and think about.
You’ve no doubt come across the idea of a ‘consistent bedtime routine’, but how realistic is it when you’ve got a tiny human (with no sense of day or night) to look after? Getting into a consistent routine is one of the top tips for improving baby’s sleep (trust us, you’ll see it everywhere)
Halloween celebrations are getting bigger and bigger every year in the UK, and it could be another one of baby’s firsts that you want to commemorate. Plus, we’ll take any excuse to dress them up in something adorable!
As you probably know, dads don’t get much time off when it comes to paternity leave (sad face). But if you’ve read our post on paternity leave, you’ll know how beneficial it can be. And that’s just two weeks – what if Dad/partner could take more time off? Well… they can! 
This one’s for you mum-to-be (or someone looking to treat an amazing mum-to-be)! Yes, pregnancy can be an incredible experience, but nine months of growing a human inside of you can begin to take its toll, especially in the third trimester.
You’ll probably wonder where all that time went when it comes to going back to work. It can be a sad, sad occasion for everyone, but it’s something that just has to be done. When the time comes to swap the nursery for the boardroom and nappies for that nine to five, it can all be a little bit daunting.
You may find yourself Googling “Can I die from sleep deprivation?” I know that I did when I was in the hell-hole of the four month sleep regression with my son. If you’ve found yourself doing the same, chances are you may be suffering from sleep deprivation.
First smile, first tooth, first word and first step – so much can happen in the first year! Whether this is your first baby or you’ve got a whole army of cuties, you can use this time for recovering, bonding, learning and growing with your little ones. But how do you go about taking leave? How long is it? Will you get paid?
Now, this may sound like a bit of a scary idea, especially if you’re a first time parent. When you’ve got a new baby on board, just packing up for a trip to the park, or navigating public transport with a pram can feel like a mammoth task. So, if you’ve got a vacation (or a staycation) coming up, you may be a little bit nervous doing it with a newborn.
Some baby carriers are designed specifically for newborns; others will last right through to pre-school aged children. It’s never too late to get your first carrier.  I see many people with two year olds who haven’t used a carrier before but are wanting something to help carry their little one on their back for dog walks, or as a back-up if legs get tired out. 
In 2016, six months into my maternity leave, I received a call from my HR Director to tell me that my role no longer existed and I was at risk of redundancy. Over the following months I found myself struggling to cope with sleep deprivation and episodes of intrusive thoughts. After mustering the courage to see my GP, I was diagnosed with postnatal anxiety.
Breastfeeding is a natural, beautiful, and joyful experience, but it’s not always easy and can be very hard for some. You should probably be prepared for sore nipples, clogged ducts and some fussiness and frustration. But you can also be prepared for some unreal mother-baby bonding, making those clogged ducts totally worth it!
As Mr. Keating once said: life is a roller coaster. So what part of the ride are you on when you create a whole other human life? Probably that peak where you edge slowly up towards the sky, knowing there’s a drop on the other side.You’ve heard all about it from your friends, but you can’t see it and aren’t quite sure what you’re in for. But you’re there, there’s no turning back...
What position do you sleep in? Sprawled out like a star? Curled up in the duvet like a human burrito? Or the super comfy little spoon? Sleep is a luxury for new parents, and we’re happy to get it in whatever position will let us drift off quickly. But what about babies? How should they sleep?
Let’s hear it for all the dads out there! Father’s Day is coming up and it’s the perfect time to say thanks to them. We know that many dads are difficult to buy for and they may say they don’t want a fuss. But just like Mum, they may be sleep deprived, nervous, overjoyed but overwhelmed.
With the arrival of little Archie, all eyes are on Meghan Markle; she’s been praised for showing off her natural post-pregnancy body and for being a ‘real’ mum, which is fantastic. She’s probably, also, got plenty of help with her royal baby. But what about those of us who aren’t royals?
When you’ve got a little one on the way, there are some super exciting things you’ll need to get prepared. What colour will you paint the nursery? What adorable little outfit will you bring them home from the hospital in? What baby monitor will you use to help you on your parenting journey?

Some babies take to solids easily, while others may need a bit more encouragement. It’s important to remember that all babies are unique. As with most things, they’ll learn and grow at their own pace – so don’t worry ...

Driven by challenges we faced as parents, and with the lack of support that many new parents face, we came together to build a solution to make parenting simpler and improve the wellbeing of the entire family.

If you want to celebrate Easter with your little one but they’re too young for chocolate, we’ve got you covered. It’s advised that babies younger than 18 months shouldn’t have chocolate due to the extra calories, caffeine and risk of tooth decay. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other fun things that you can do to celebrate their very first Easter!
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