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"Ability for parents and carers to customise their experience to suit their parenting lifestyle"

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"Bluebell is reinventing the baby monitor"

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"The state-of-the-art Bluebell"

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‘I could log into the app and see how my baby was getting on throughout the day, even whilst I was back at work, game changer!’

Bluebell Review

I didn’t miss a thing

"Real-time alerts to my phone meant I didn’t miss a thing" - Dad, Steve

Bluebell Review

central to our parenting

"Bluebell was central to our parenting journey in the first months of our little ones life" - Dad, Ben

Bluebell Review

peace of mind

"Whether I'm in bed, at work or at the gym, Bluebell gives me some much needed peace of mind" - Dad, Aaron