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About us

Bluebell has been designed by doctors in the UK to monitor more than any other monitors so parents worry less.

The Bluebell Team

Bluebell team


Our story

Parenting can be tough – we know because we’ve experienced the ups and downs ourselves. The early days of looking after a new-born baby can be especially stressful, with peace of mind hard to find.

Bluebell started back in 2016 when Romi’s son Jeremy was born. He discovered that existing baby monitors failed to offer complete monitoring or provide the level of reassurance that he was seeking.

Having worked at the NHS, Romi learned about depression, SIDS and how they affect new parents. He joined forces with Naveen and Markus – doctors with specialist experience of mental health and emergency care – who shared his passion for creating a new product to support parents, their wonderful babies and their families too.

From the very beginning, our vision was clear: to create the ultimate baby monitor. With the support of Tangerine, our world-class design agency, we set out to develop our product from the ground up. After three years of constant dedication, passion and love, Bluebell was born.

Like parents, we’re so proud of what Bluebell has become. We believe it incorporates the very best in smart technology and data-based insights. Parents tell us that it’s like having an extra pair of ears and eyes, monitoring the things that matter such as breathing, temperature, crying and rolling onto their tummy.

Since launching in 2019, we’ve improved Bluebell continuously – and now we’ve added a high-quality HD camera to our range. We always welcome feedback, so please let us know what you think by sharing your thoughts and comments.

We monitor more, so you worry less.

Markus, Naveen and Romi – the founders of Bluebell