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  • Why parents think Bluebell is the best baby monitor
Bluebell Review

Wouldn't be without it

"It gives you insightful information about your baby, their routine and sleeping pattern (how long they’ve solidly slept without stirring)" - Dad, Steve

Bluebell Review

Superb baby monitor

 "A truly excellent product, giving you information about your baby you wouldn’t have otherwise of had" - New mum, Char

Bluebell Review

A lifesaving device

"I now have peace of mind that should he roll onto his front or have any issues with his breathing this device will alert me instantly" - New dad, Dan 

Bluebell Review

Great for new parents

"I'm finding that i'm less anxious. I can relax knowing that Bluebell will notify me if my baby needs me" - First time mum, Kath


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